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  1. Gah, thanks for the repost!!! Where are they from?
  2. Mal has one too!!! Seems some have emerged from somewhere!!
  3. I saw, I think it was Viv's avatar, and it was from something I hadn't seen yet. Looked like a photoshoot of sorts.
  4. Okay, has there been another photoshoot? I feel so far behind/out of the loop. Life has been hectic for me over the past year. I've seen newer pictures of David around not affiliated with the shows.
  5. That song will be awesome...one from David and Ryan
  6. Um Makeover or Anodyne........Yes, please and TY!!! I'm so far behind....OMG at him soundchecking that!!!
  7. I like that song Dinna, will get stuck in my head!!!!!!!
  8. That's encouraging to me since Memphis is the closest at 3 hours away, thereabouts and on a weeknight. *Hopes more dates emerge*!!!! Jeannie, all of that makes sense and I'm just going with it!!!
  9. 31 is knocking on my door!!!! I would think we would have lots of other gals in the fandom in their 30's, or maybe they are just shy!!!???
  10. I just want it to cool down and stay that way. Living in the South, we deal with the heat too often!!
  11. Um vegas, when and where????!!! planes or trains for traveling?
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