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  1. Thanks Stacy, I would like to donate to Save the Children along with Davids, if they cannot seperate them though I happy enough to donate to all of them.
  2. oh thanks, thats ok I was just wondering how it works since I plan on donating this year.
  3. mmm I wonder how David feels about having all of his fans know where he lives now lol, seriously though I have a question re: IGB, but if you donate to Davids charity is that the only one you can donate to? or do they have any american charities you can donate to also? such as boys and girls club or education programs? sorry but I have not done this before.
  4. I love both Bo and David they are two very special guys
  5. I am so glad that David & Neal get to experience this together, on a selfish note this makes me sad that Andy is not there with them
  6. wooo hoooo another west coast show I know where I will be on the 27th....
  7. Hi everyone, I am very sad today, I just got home from work and found out my grandfather passed away this morning.
  8. This is only my 3rd post, 1st I wanted to say you guys are amazing and so supportive of DC, I am not sure what to say, I first felt something was definetly wrong after the Thusrdays night performance of Permanent for two reasons 1) when he usually introduces the song he dedicates to Adam and this time he started out by saying to anyone that has lost someone 2)and then of course when he could not finish the last line, I lost my mom to ovarian cancer 1 year ago last January, I am not making any assumptions here, just that for some reason DC is in alot of pain right now, so I am continuing to keep him, his family and EEB in my prayers.
  9. no it is not my picture, I found it on his official site, and thankyou I look forward to getting you know people on this site.
  10. this is the picture of David on his knees after permanent, sorry it is so big.[img][/img]
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