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  1. Heh, I figured I probably would've posted some links here...and wouldn't you know it, in the years since I was last here, everything's been flipped upside-down. Passed Ball pretty much died out last season, and I haven't really done much on fictionpress either...whereas my fanfiction.net account is booming, and has taken over the "website" section. Technically, there are still two sites, though. While most of it is writing (and at least for now is pretty much the same stuff that can be found on fanfiction.net--key words being for now), there's also a little bit of art. http://izumofirefox.deviantart.com/
  2. I'm back after a long hiatus, and as of today, I'm 22. And it's no coincidence that my return coincides with my birthday--I completely forgot what my username was, and the email address I was using when I signed up is inactive now, so I had no way of getting back in. Once my name came up on the list of users celebrating birthdays, however, it was easy to get everything fixed. ...Now if only I could fix this username, because it makes perfect sense to me that I wouldn't have guessed it.
  3. Watching the 16th Annual ESPY Awards tonight on ESPN, and wouldn't you know it, our boy David's debut single was used to introduce the nominees for "Best Moment" an award that celebrates the times when sports transcend the game. The two college softball players who helped an opponent around the bases after she blew out her ACL in the midst of her home run trot won out over cancer survivor Jon Lester's no-hitter and Danica Patrick becoming the first woman to win an IRL race. The ESPYs will be replayed at midnight, 3 AM, and 1 PM tomorrow (EDT).
  4. Yeah, I've got XM, had heard about it; unfortunately, I missed most of it, working. Got in my car a little before it ended, though, and they finished out the hour by having him introduce his single, Time of My Life, which PJ said was the most requested song on Flight 26. Sounds like there are plenty of Word Nerds in XM Nation, after all.
  5. Just before 5 PM EDT today on XM's Flight 26, wrapping up an hour-long appearance by DC himself on the channel. The channel's host also said that TOML was the station's most requested song. Way to represent, Word Nerds!
  6. I spend a lot of my radio time on sports talk channels, but I think I have heard it on XM's 20 on 20 at least once. The 20 plays a countdown of the twenty most requested songs every three hours (12, 3, 6 and 9 Eastern and Pacific), and votes can be registered by phone (866-553-2020) or at xmradio.com, so Word Nerds all across the country can band together to get it on the airwaves! And if you don't have XM, well, that's unfortunate, because XM is awesome. Oh, and thanks for the info, Cookielover; PLJ's in my range. I'll have to switch over the radio on my alarm; I've currently got it set to Z100.
  7. Okay, actually there are three, but I hardly ever submit anything to fanfiction.net any more besides reviews of other people's work. For lack of space in "website", a link to my fictionpress account is located in my signature (I'd go back and make the longer one PG-13 again, but I'm already trying to do a number of other things with it in hopes of convincing a friend of mine who's an artist to help me turn it into a graphic novel). However, I do not only write fiction. I also write about baseball, my favorite sport by far, and I do it with an eye for humor. You can find it at http://passedball.mlblogs.com/. I try to update it regularly. In fact, I think I'll go do some "research" for it now by geting in the car and turning on the radio: dinner is calling!
  8. Oh, yeah, they bleep out everything on the AI site. I don't understand why. I mean, I guess I understand them bleeping out that Vote For the Worst site, but I think that what DialIdol does is great. It allows someone who has multiple favorites to more or less try to keep all of them safe in the most efficient way (often a problem I encounter early on in the competition), and it also allows people to choose contestants they don't like and try to get votes to whoever needs them the most in order to get those contestants off, which is a rough approximation of actually being able to vote people off the show instead of onto it, which is something I've long thought was a better idea. After all, a vote for one contestant is essentially a vote against every other one. Of course, AT&T customers can vote people off instead of on by simultaneously texting their votes to every number except the one they want gone, an unfair advantage in my opinion. Furthermore, DI repeatedly states that their predictions are by no means scientific and that the only way to know for sure who stays and who goes is to watch the results show. Their predictions have gradually been becoming vaguer and vaguer, to the point that they often essentially said that they had no predictions for who would be safe and that everyone was at risk. That's pretty much what Seacrest reminds us every performance night, right? That everyone's at risk? Far from threatening, I think AI should try to make DI an official partner. Didn't know that MySpace was bleeped out, though. Guess that's because I abhor those types of sites.
  9. Oh, man, yeah, I can relate...had an incident like that on a forum back in late '04. Rather dark period in my online lifetime; been a bit shy about message boards ever since...although I obviously seem to be getting over it, since this is far from my only active board. That reminds me: I have to update my profile to post links to all of my important sites. Er, all two of them. One is a place for publishing fiction (I recently signed up to help proofread for the site, as well) upon which I have a very long story of the fantasy genre, and the other is my often-bizarre MLB blog.
  10. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/080611&campaign=rsssrch&source=bill_simmons Here I'm thinking he looked nervous - and some guy who reports on games all the time sees STAR. Yeah, I'm a regular at ESPN.com and I read that article...Simmons certainly writes some interesting articles. I wish I'd known that DC was going to be singing the National Anthem beforehand; I'm not really much of a fan of basketball, but I'd watch for that. These links haven't been working well for me, though.
  11. Y'know, I didn't see mine up there. I was kind of late to get a title because I didn't go on the AI Boards once from about the week of 8 until after David had been crowned the champion, but if it's not there, well, it's in my info (see left of post).
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