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  1. ok, so i didn't read much before the last couple of pages, but yes. when the lady walked by us at the gates, we were all WTF? lol. i was wondering what she was doing. wow. and yes. walked right by everyone and got on the bus. it looked like with no trouble at all. shameless.
  2. we okies like to start shit. lol. no it was ridiculous to say the least. there was this little girl beside me that i shielded from the mania. her mom was so cute, she said, "thank you oh thank you." lol, she had fun though. at the end of the night i ask her who her favorite was.........i said, "it was david wasn't it" and she said with a little grin "yyyeeesss" it was totally worth the drama to see her have an awesome time. every time i rocked out she mimicked everything i did. lol, i told her my favorite was neal, but i don't think she liked the sleeves....... awesome two days ladies. incredible.
  3. i'll try to take some video. more pics i'm sure though. i can't help the camera whoreness. can't wait ladies!!!
  4. obviously and had quite a fanbase there!!! lol. you're riding together for okc and tulsa? or just one of the other? i'm up for meeting whatever time, whatever place. down the road from the diamond ballroom there is a texas roadhouse where we can eat/or drink ourselves silly. just call sometime soon. my board test is friday in okc, so preferably after that. i'm freaking out.
  5. yes. you can breath. i wouldn't miss those for anything. but i had to sacrifice this show which really sucks, but i need to be my aunt, put in some "quality time" and hit the KC scene at the same time...... don't get stuck on the penny machines!!! aretha franklin was there the night i went to pick up my ticket. lol.
  6. ditto. i hope you won't be all worn out from your tour.......
  7. oh yeah, i still have tickets for this show if someone needs any....... I got 3.
  8. bad news kids. my aunt has scheduled me a trip to KC for that weekend. I have my ticket to whomever needs one. I just want what I paid for it. and after all the jokes of seat 6...... Row DD seat 7. pm me lol, btw i went down to pick it up at will-call and lost $60 on penny machines. it's probably a good think I can't go. Let me know.
  9. i'm not gonna lie, when i hear them on the radio. i just can't help myself!!!!
  10. the show blows away anything else. hands down. he did come out at tulsa, before and after; at least there were no screaming mobs...... it's a lot right now, he needs down time. i would be in fear of my life if there were drunkards were blocking my bus door too i suppose. classy ladies indeed. GOOD LUCK!! don't feel bad at all. that crazy talk.
  11. lol, it makes me laugh they to see the town thackerville, it's like a non-existent town. the windstar is on the border of oklahoma and texas, I-35 on the oklahoma side. just go south. you can't miss it!! see ya there...... nealzy side too. row DD seat 7
  12. seriously. the david cook gods are literally smacking you in the face. you should follow the signs. or suffer the consequences
  13. i think the seat 6 should stay empty. think valerie, we could have a seat for crap. that's funny shit. so 15 is in the middle and my seat 7 is on neal's side. i can go to sleep happy now. thanks for that info
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