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  1. for real ur camera is awesome. i see u zooming so ur not always that close. but ur pics and vidoes look like ur right there!
  2. yeah i got confused just now. i was like i swear im in the tour thread but i saw pam and had to double check..lol
  3. um ok u all know im kinda slow.. i have 3 tickets, one for me..amanda has informed me one for her and one for?? i dunno. if its u please do speak up. sorry.
  4. ok this cracekd me up like hes all 'hey is she taking pics of me?' 'cause two can play that game..'
  5. like for real? who are u and why have i not met u when we were at all the same shows?? love ur vids!
  6. nope no tickets for here either damnit! its not looking good for me..
  7. is that my neal pic? it looks so familair..lol if u watch the vidoes from denver and aspen u will see him picking at these bumpy scabs on his left wrist hes got a nasty rash there im guessing due to playing the guitar. in one of my videos u see him wince in pain as it rubs the worng way. so im thinking the bandana was protection for it. brooke and i were wondering when hed finally do something about it. we were like get some ointment and stop picking at it!!
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