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  1. I DVR all of their shows, lol. I love a lot of HGTV's shows, but they have me hooked!
  2. If you can't watch the brothers on TV, you could always watch them on YouTube. They have tons of vids and they have some full episodes too. I've watched a lot of their "off set" videos. They're a couple of characters, lol. Easy on the eyes too.
  3. Yeah, so that was completely random. Another random thing... Does anybody watch Property Brothers, or Brother vs. Brother? I have been watching a lot of HGTV lately and I came upon their show. Love Property Brothers! I got curious today and went to youtube to see if they were what I thought they would be like "behind the scenes" and I was RIGHT! They have such different personalities and they're hilarious too.
  4. I keep looking for a "like" button. Random* heh Hey everybody!
  5. Yeah, I feel so bad for her. Luke is an amazing daddy though. He will take good care of her.
  6. Well Made, that's actually one of the reasons that I came back in here today. Now that the announcement has been made, I can tell everybody (it's so stressful not knowing what I can and can't say, lol). Anywho... As some of you know, Heath and one of his fans had formed a band called White Lighter Curse. His band mate found out that his daughter had a disease where she couldn't eat (has to be on a feeding tube for the rest of her life), so he ended up quitting to take care of his little girl. The lead singer that they had hired was a great singer, but a back stabber. So needless to say, that band is no more. Heath was thinking about trying to find some more band members, but instead has decided to join another band. Here is their Facebook page. I've heard some of their music and it sounds great! I hope everything works out for them. https://www.facebook.com/#!/instone5000
  7. *waves* Hey everybody!!! I sure have been gone a long time, lol. Hope everybody had a fantabulous Mother's Day! Wanted everybody to know about a couple of Heath's old band members from Egypt Central. Joey and Blake have a new band and they sound pretty good to me. They kept some of the grunge, lol. The 2 of them wrote all the lyrics and music. Oh, and for those of you who don't know, Heath is my daughter Christy's boyfriend. https://www.facebook.com/devourtheday https://www.youtube.com/devourtheday?sub_confirmation=1
  8. When it's 58 I have a jacket on, lol. Of course, I don't wear long sleeved shirts.
  9. You are very welcome Tricia! Yeah, I've grown to really like him too. My daughter (Jessica) started watching Power Rangers on Netflix. It drove me crazy for a while, but then I actually started liking it, lol. When he came back as Dr. Oliver, I had to find some info on him. I started watching some of the Q&A's and he's hilarious in all of them. I also watched his fights. My cousin was an MMA fighter (World Champ, back in the day) and now teaches and refs..so I'm always interested in stuff like that.
  10. *Random* This guy reminds me a little of David. (for whatever reason..guess, his attitude??) Great guy! (pretty funny too) Hint..he was the green ranger, lol.
  11. Y'all dun gone all crazy and stuff up in here, lol.
  12. Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. I heard a David Cook song the other day too, but it was on my little girl's new MP3 player. Glad to know that you're ok, Bonnie!
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