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  1. how did I miss this? I was right in between Neal and David the whole time in the second row.....My friend Tabbie was the short little blonde who could barely see over the stage.....lol
  2. Add me to the list of those who love the big Buddy Holly style frames! I think they suit him perfectly! lol
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha I love you, Mal.......
  4. My friend said she went in early with tschick......I can't remember her real name, sorry!!
  5. Hmm, that Vampire color is much too red for me, that would never go over well at work. I would have definitely gone for Atomic Turquoise in high school, my mom should be glad that my friends and I did not know about these hair dyes then (they either didn't exist yet or none were sold where I lived, anyway)! No one would do facial or cartilage piercings back then either, so I imagine I'd probably look half like Neal now if I were a tad younger. I used to do Ultra Violet in high school.....Now I work primarily with Paul Mitchell color, so I use Inkworks....they give the same results, and I can custom mix them.... and Stacy, as far as being happy when someone else likes the 'stache, I think it's because it reaassures us that we aren't THAT weird......LOL
  6. hahahaha forget logic....just let it go...... I do wonder what we'd hear if we played BBS backwards though.....LOL
  7. YES! Jeannie's with us too! And ITA that just because it works for Neal does NOT mean it would for David. *Waits for Mal to drop another Dave pornstache picture and scare us all.* hahahaha I like the porn stache.....not because it's hot, but because it's funny as hell.....
  8. well NO one can resist Bar-Ba-Sol......LOL my sister (who doesn't like Dave at all) even admitted to liking that song....I believe her exact words were "Dammit, I actually like this song" hahaha
  9. dont play with me mary i so did look around too..lol the bartender here gave me a free beer. haha i so love tulsa bartenders. Tulsa bartenders kick ass!! If you find Dylan, just don't let him make you any of those special concoctions!!
  10. I love the stache on Neal, Stacy!!! hahaha hey Kim....any sign of Dylan around there?? lol
  11. Got mine too, Eve! I now have this one and Cleveland in my possession....Just waiting on Indy......haha
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