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  1. Thank you nanna! Great to be back, and you have a great memory! Yes im still singing and my husband is also a musician so he sings & plays piano and or guitar for me . It all fell into place....
  2. Thank you! seeing him again in person brought back so many memories and emotions that I couldn't keep away. I had so much fun here in the first years...miss you guys!
  3. wow - I have to admit that even though my love for cookie has never ended, I haven't been on the site since over 2 years ago! (how time flies) - during these years, I met someone who knew about my cookie obsession, and we got married! Because of him I toned down my obsession...but fellow wordnerds, I AM BACK!!!! Not sure who of the original wordnerds from the time this forum started are still active, but old or new, we all love our David. I'm back wordnerds, God help me because I don't know how to be on here and be married, guess we'll find out how this works out. Many of you guys are in this situation, i'll be fine. FYI I saw cookie yesterday! WE HUGGED again and he remembered me! (the flasher) Can't wait to get to know all the new wordnerds! goodnight!
  4. I can't believe I survived not being on the WN home page for all of these days. Its probably weeks, I don't even want to know. I'm sorry WNs for not being here! I actually do feel a lil' weird for not being on here....strange! haha. Missed you WNs.
  5. yeah, its next Tuesday. This is my thinking. If it turns out to be a good show, then the original cast members will make an appearance or become regulars. (wishful thinking) Who's already confirmed to be back on the show? Jenni Garth & Shannon Doherty?
  6. its back....i was away for couple weeks and now that i'm back "I can't stay away!" oh boy....what a year!
  7. I must say....I like the idea of a love boat for ALL word nerds! - let's party!
  8. So sorry for your loss. I too can relate. A year ago in March, my uncle was diagnosed with cancer, and even though he went through chemo, you saw him deteriorate and become a completely different man. He died 4 months later. He was the first family member, aside from my grandfather that passed away 10 yrs ago, to pass away. I know there are no word to make you or your family completely feel better...but I will keep you in prayer and pray that you and your family are filled with peace during this storm.
  9. ok, I need to get the season 3 DVD set and catch up. I must admit, I stopped watching during the middle of season 3...I just couldn't watch it was too much. (plus I knew I would eventually catch up using the DVDs) I LOOOOVED season 1 and was into season 2, so yes, I'm also hoping for a BANG for the new season.
  10. OK, the new 90210 starts today next Tuesday. Anyone going to watch? I must admit, I can't wait to watch. I was an original 90210 fan, so this is a bit scary...it could possibly be a hit or a flob. I would be SUPER excited if they brought in Luke Perry into the mix....maybe as a guest star, which I'm sure that if its a success they will. We shall see....
  11. same here in re to Christian. Towards the end, I liked him. - as much as I agree with what the judges critiques were for Daniel yesterday...I don't think he should've gone home. I'm sorry, that other dress (black & white "bird" looking one)....was ugly. YES, daniel did not really do "over the top"...but it was a good dress that maybe some drag queen out there would like! hello, the drag queen that wore it actually looked really nice. ANYWHO....don't have a fav either....but i will miss seeing daniel on the show.
  12. see...your sig pic makes me miss that hair! I'll be seeing him again this weekend in Houston, maybe the hair has grown out a bit....we shall see. And yes, I'm nowhere near catching up with all the threads! "to someone, David is the world" AWWWWWW, that's beautiful!
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