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  1. Getting the lyrics cos my office mate apparently love this song and I'm too lazy to type it
  2. My story =) July 13, 2012 -cd signing, SM Centerpoint- I work at night on weekdays. Just went home from the office to change and have breakfast and travelled all the way north. I was standing/walking/travelling back and forth from 7am-7pm. Anyway, will skip all of this and proceed with the signing. We have 5 stubs. Bought 5 cd's, yes we sure are hoarders! It gives you a chance for M&G pass. Since 2 of us got the Manila one. I had named 2 stubs for myself. It was crazy. There are tons of people. CD signing starts at 5:30 but I think it started a few minutes before 6. I was holding the cd that I bought yet in my bag, I do have the vinyl with me. When I got infront of him, I said "Can you sign this instead?". His smile is just intoxicating when he saw the vinyl. He said "Sure" then signed it. Went back to the line and I was thinking "Will I get away with my old DCTR?". Found myself staring at him, placing my DCTR on the table. The security was taking it out of the table as he saw that there was signatures in it. I was like "No, that was Joey Clement's, Kyle's, Andy's". While I was saying it though. David made a gesture stopping the security getting my cd and said "Those are my bandmate's". After that, he smiled, gave my cd back to me and said "Thank You". I find it really superb of him. He's just amazing. -Kinda sick right now. Will write about the M&G in Cebu later. It is a short one - Actually have 2 banners in Araneta. One's you already know, the other one is "Here 4 Skib" and it's not because I love David less. I just want to make Andy feel that I appreciate the fact that he's still with David. David did see it and mentioned it. I think it was before Hard To Believe.
  3. Thanks! I will try my darn best to do that Rrriiiigggghhhhtttt... off to Cebu now.
  4. GUILTY!!! After the Marry me, banner. I'm so overwhelmed that he did acknowledge this. Will upload some of my crappy pics here once I get back from Cebu Can I say sorry for my absence? Work got the best of me. Hopefully I'm still welcomed here?
  5. It's our Third year. We do it annually but we intend to throw a little outreach in between. We just want the biggest one before David's birthday as a gift for him.
  6. I bet you do little things for other people. Anything that we can do to help is enough.
  7. The funniest bits where when the host was asking for the 'bday boy' and Raine was telling him that it's sort of an outreach in the bday boy's honor. At the near end of the party he asked to sing a birthday song for David and was thinking that "David" was one of the kids. Kinda weird cos the balloons got "David Cook" in it!hahaha
  8. Just as promise to do this annually... Had loads of fun with the kids. Will do it again next year =) Sorry for posting this a bit late. My work keeps me out from doing a few things online.
  9. Thanks Jeannie =) Now there's this hope that they'll do an International tour. They can even go to Singapore or Indonesia and skip Philippines and still I will go and watch them. Fow now though, all hopes are raised for this upcoming tour! I am sure it'll be great!
  10. I am excited and all even if I live from the other side of the planet. I love Gavin DeGraw and well hell yeah it's David Cook!!!! That's pure awesomeness... There's this one bit that kinda bothers me though. Would Neal be touring with HoH until October 12. Yes I did check the date from their website and that bothered me as I don't David/Gavin's date yet. ***I shouldn't be scared, right?*** ETA: And please tell me if I'm missing something as I spend my waking time mostly at work. And Neal's the only person from the band that didn't tweet about the David/Gavin tour yet... I think.
  11. Cancer is my guru, because it's not killing me; It's teaching me how to really live!
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