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  1. I'm probably gonna sound like a bitch for saying this but I feel this was about all celebrities (not just David) but stardom is a double edged sword. Gotta take the good with the bad. It's not like I posted pictures from his wedding or stalked the internet & posted a copy of his marriage license or anything. He's made a"public announcement" by wearing a wedding ring and I just made an observance of what I saw. I do respect his privacy and wish him all the best
  2. I'm sorry maybe we aren't supposed to talk about it here? I'm just happy & excited for him.
  3. Am I the only one that noticed the bling on his left hand at the 1:17 mark of the July 17th Pledge Music update? I hope he was able to pull off a secret wedding and have his privacy. He just looks and sounds so happy!!! I'm excited & happy for him
  4. Is it just me or does everything going on with him seem hush hush lately? For example this upcoming appearance on Idol and the concert that is less than 2 hours away from that I JUST found out about last night.
  5. Mods ~ I posted a new show in the concerts folder....I hope that was OK!!!
  6. Come see American Idol winner David Cook in Maryville's own Moloney Arena as part of NEXFALAWANACYA! Doors open at 7PM, the opener starts at 8PM, and David Cook will take the stage at 9PM. Tickets will be available online and will also be available at the door for purchase the day of event beginning at 5PM. Maryville students & staff each receive one free ticket and non-Maryville visitors are $20. Tickets on sale NOW!!!! http://maryvilletickets.universitytickets.com/user_pages/event.asp?id=178&cid=29
  7. What time are most of the M&G's happening and do they include sound check? My show is less than 2 weeks away and just trying to make my plans
  8. WOW!!! His beard is getting full and long....he could almost pass as a Red Socks player LOL!! Or maybe just change his last name to Robertson and go make some duck calls!!!! LOL
  9. Oh, no.....my show is after this one (on Nov 22nd).....I wonder if it will get pushed back as well. If so I will be so disappointed
  10. Anyone planning on driving from the STL show to the Louisville show that would be headed back in the STL direction afterward? Looking to share gas & hotel expenses with someone and not really wanting to make the trek by myself
  11. Bummer I so wish I could find someone closer to me that is wanting to go to these 3 shows......it would just make the drive so much more bearable
  12. I got your message Peggy....can you give me a few days to decide? I'm still in limbo.....I'm looking for a couple of parteners in crime to room/and possibly ride with to a couple of shows.
  13. Jeannie ~ Great re-cap.....glad to see you had a good time. If you don't mind me asking what 3 shows have you got coming up? Is it Watseka, Kokomo & Ann Arbor? I'm considering those 3 but I am solo and looking for a couple of partners in crime in room with/ride with (if possible)!!!! LMK
  14. There are still VIP tickets available for the STL show and tickets have been on sale for 10 days......not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing?
  15. SCORE got my VIP ticket purchased for the STL show. Did you get yours Debra?
  16. I completely understand Debra....as of right now this is my only show as well Good luck on that VIP ticket tomorrow...I'm shooting for 1 myself
  17. While I too am super excited to finally see a STL date on the tour I am somewhat surprised at the venue choice. It is noticeably smaller than the venue that he has performed at the last 2 times that he has played STL (probably 1/2 the size if I had to guess). So I am gonna speculate that ticket availability & VIP will probably be limited But I WILL be there no matter what
  18. I MAY have to sell my ticket. I will know for sure by the end of this week. I'll let you know as soon as I know. OK thanks....I am definately interested
  19. I wasn't planning on attending this show so I didn't purchase a VIP ticket when they were available. So......does anyone have an extra VIP ticket for sale by chance?
  20. I wasn't planning on attending this show so I didn't purchase a VIP ticket when they were available. So......does anyone have an extra VIP ticket for sale by chance?
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