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  1. Don't know if anyone remembers me, but I will be seeing him for the first time in six years in Nashville!! Does he still meet fans after shows like he used to, or should I get VIP? I haven't met him in the 7 years I've been a fan and that makes me sad. haha
  2. I keep saying I'm going to start posting in here again, but every time I do, I end up getting bogged down with homework and organization stuff. Dang college. I've been doing well though, as I hope all of you are too! ANYWAY! As you guys probably know, I am a part of my campus's Relay for Life team. This is the first time we've done it! Would any of you be interested in donating? Please? Even a dollar helps and everything goes to finding a cure and helping patients undergo treatments. If you can't that's fine too. I know money's tight now for everyone, hence why I can't donate much. But I just thought I'd ask! Here's the link if anyone wants to donate! Thanks in advance! I figured I'd ask you guys since you're all supportive of finding a cure. http://main.acsevents.org/goto/jessica0406
  3. I'm actually part of the student programming here! I just don't like how it's run at all. The leader of it is a control freak and doesn't let anyone do anything except help with events. I want to help book bands and learn the music business, not sit back and watch someone that's not even in the Music Business major do all the work. If it comes down to it though I'll try asking them. Thanks! Thank you! haha A lot of my free time has to do with procrastination. Thanks though! Thank you! I'm going to try to drop in more often! oh wow! ok! That's awesome. Yeah that whole "real life" thing gets in the way sometimes
  4. Yeah. I have a real name. My parents didn't want me saying it, but now that I have a bit more freedom, and it's one of the most common female names, I think it's ok. haha I'm trying to do Music Business! I have to actually get accepted into the major first, but for right now that's my plan! I have a ton of bands you could check out. Some of them are bigger than others, and some of them aren't even from where I'm from, but they're all still really good. hahaha Would you like me to message you so we don't go too far off topic? haha
  5. HI! I've been in school! hahaha I just started college. Other than that, I got a job and I started supporting a bunch of local bands so I hung with them! By the way since I'm an "adult" now you can call me Jessica. haha That's my actual first name. But ok! I'll do that. Thanks! I'll try to start posting more in here. Life just got really hectic after I started my senior year of high school! How have you been?
  6. Hey guys! I know you haven't heard from me in quite a while and I'm really sorry. Life got REALLY busy. I graduated high school as the valedictorian, and now I'm in college and in around 6 organizations, so obviously it gets kind of hectic. One organization I'm in is the Colleges Against Cancer/ Relay For Life group. Which brings me to my question. I'm on the entertainment committee, meaning I get to help book the musicians that play at the actual event. Obviously, my first choice is David, but I have no idea how I'd go about doing that or who I'd contact. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance guys! I miss you all and just know I haven't forgotten about you!
  7. As soon as I read this on twitter I was like " OMG!" Then I realized that I don't have a job...therefore no money, but MAYBE I can convince my parents to buy me a ticket as an early Christmas present or something if he even comes to my city. I just have to wait and see. They won't let me go to anything on school nights... so this is going to be a very anxoius wait for me to see. lol
  8. I don't think I've ever seen somebody just perform on the Talk.... I'm not sure though. My mom watches it more than I do. lol we'll find out tomorrow!
  9. That should definitely be interesting! It's a good show so I can't wait to see Dave on it!
  10. is that question even legal to ask?! It's impossible to answer. I have 4 top favorites. And I don't like choosing least favorites because they're all so amazing!
  11. Oh my God! The Pokemon movies! I love those! I still adore Pokemon, and that probably makes me a huge loser lol I gave up on Pokemon before leaf green and fire red came out. My sister still loves it though... and she has showed me some of the pokemon now and they're modeled after light bulbs and stuff! I miss the original 150 or so pokemon. And Celebi.
  12. V (I guess they could come up with a better title than just one letter. lol)
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