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  1. I remember when the first Now came out and I bought it..... on cassette! Haha! I think it's great that Dave is on here, though! These compilations sell like hotcakes.
  2. I don't get to see them either because, as much as I love Dave and the others, I'm not driving 7 hours out of my way. I don't have the time or money for that.
  3. Wow....... that's all there is to say to this shit. Oh, I especially love the part about "since they're paying for him to be there." It doesn't matter WHO buys the tickets, just as long as they make their money back.
  4. Yeah, I would never bitch at them the way I am to my mom and brother right now...and they're loving it, by the way... Here's to hoping for another tour for the summer!
  5. That's what I was thinking... ...but how to get a hold of them??
  6. How can we find out who is in charge? Oh and another thing: why is Archie playing bigger places and Cook is playing College Campuses? Haha...I was hoping you would know! And yeah, if I wanted to, I COULD GO see Archie! As far as I know, he still has tickets available. No selfish college bitches are stealing all the tickets and ripping off the real fans...I can just hear it now. "David Who?" "Who cares? We're gonna make some money!" Okay, maybe it wouldn't go down JUST like that, but I frankly, I don't give a damn...
  7. Now I feel greedy because I've seen him live a few times. If anyone should get to see him, it's you. I'm sorry sweetie...and you will definitely get to see him...it just may be a while...
  8. I'M IN!! Just let me know when you guys find any information on the asses in charge!
  9. Oh, I really hope that they do it half and half...seems like the fair thing to do...but life really isn't all that fair, is it? And even if they do it that way, we're all going to be pretty far away from the stage. At least we'd get to go though...
  10. OMG! This is such bullshit! I HATE THIS TOUR!!! Ugh! I'm a college student! Why couldn't he have come to my college?!?! If he had and there was a presale, I would have totally bought tickets for all of us!!!
  11. I'm going to assume that it will be faster to get tickets online through ticketmaster, but do you guys think that they actually have the best seats?? Will the actual venue have the better seats reserved? Man, I really hate this. GA is so much simpler...time-consuming, yes, tiresome, definitely, but at least the people who are up front deserve to be up front...well, with the exception of dumbass meet and greet winners!
  12. Count me (Dani) in too ladies!!! I really wish this were GA as well...oh, and I hate to be the barer of bad news, but the guys only have one day in between this show and the NY show. February only has 28 days...BUT, they could still party, especially if there are as many sweet places to go as you've mentioned!
  13. Umm, how creepy was Daddy Archuleta in the background??? And how did they go from make-out songs to saving money?
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