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  1. Yeah I'm not to sure about "better than me " either
  2. OMG I can't stop listening to the cd over and over there is not one bad song. My favorites are criminals, broken windows, carry you, here to zero and I'm going to love you. What are your favorite songs?
  3. Jennie that's an awesome story about David. I'm so glad your mom is OK. Davids music has helped me a lot too.I've had a rough couple years. Between both my grandmothers deaths, my aunts, my gradfathers, and my little cousins. But the one thing that helped me threw it was listing to David's music. I honestly cant sit and listen to permanent with out balling my eyes out every time.
  4. so what does everyone think of this song? i love this song i keep listening to it over and over again i cant get enough
  5. im looking for the ones that he did on photo shoots manly the ones like he did for laying me low ive found small versions but i need big ones. any other new pictures or ones from photo shoots would be good too thanks
  6. ok thanks wasnt sure someone sent me the video and said it was his new single but i didnt think it was
  7. I cant wait to hear new music from david. I so badly want him to have a show near me again i haven't gone to one of his shows in 5 years
  8. i would be more then happy to give him a pat down
  9. i really hope day is on idol tonight i would make my day even better
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