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  1. David Come Back to San Diego, California. I miss you David Cook...
  2. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing it here with all of us word nerds!
  3. I am so happy for David Cook that he turned down the deal to focus on making music for us word nerds fan base.
  4. WOW! Time flies when we have new David Cook music!
  5. I am loving David Cook wearing glasses totally sexy in my opinion. David Cook looks very sexy and drop dead gorgeous in the photos and the video too. AWESOME!
  6. My Top 5 Always Be My Baby Hello Billie Jean Hot for Teacher Rolling in the Deep
  7. So Cool! Me loving all of these different videos! Great Work Word Nerds! Keep It Going Word Nerds!
  8. I want to hear the interview now.... Come On David Cook!
  9. I want to see lots of gorgeous new pictures of David Cook with the lyrics in the video with Laying Me Low playing in the background.
  10. David Cook looks sexy with his glasses on in that photo... Lovin David Cook with those glasses on, which makes extremely sexier... Oh there goes my hormones ladies with that sexy David Cook!
  11. DavidCookFan01


    I want to start a thread about what we want to see in the Laying Me Low Music Video and do not know where to start that thread on here. Thanks!
  12. That is so cool. Love the new David Cook photo more than ever. I cannot get that song out of my head. I am totally obsessed with that new sexy song ever. Dam It David Cook! It's all David Cook's fault!
  13. Awesome Review! Loved it very much....
  14. YEAH for David Cook!!! Hopefully we will get photos and maybe videos! GO DAVID COOK!
  15. I am totally obsessed and addicted to David Cook. I cannot get this song out of my head. David Cook killed us softly with that incredible vocal performance. David Cook wins the post Idol performances with that incredible performance. Boy, David Cook is the Sexiest Idol Winner Ever.
  16. I have not seen David Cook on Idol yet as I am on the west coast. I want to see that sexy David Cook on Idol tonight.
  17. I want to see pictures of David on Idol tonight.... PLEASE....
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