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  1. He didn't? Wow! Of course, look at some great musical acts who have been passed over for Grammies so nothing should surprise me.
  2. I think you're right that David is often "inside his head" and it is reflected in his song lyrics. Springsteen and Bono are more interested in writing about the world outside themselves, including what would be considered current events or controversial topics. I guess what I meant is that I would NOT mind if David eventually started to do a tiny bit more of that since he doesn't really seem to do ANY of that! Occasionally I do get a bit bored with a constant angsty relationship theme through most songs, you know? But, yeah, it could be his style and he may not change. Oh, I'm quite sure that David's song writing is his version of therapy. It's pretty obvious when you see songs like "Mr. Sensitive," "Permanent," "Life on the Moon," and "Goodbye to the Girl."
  3. Me too, I sometimes question David's taste in movies and music
  4. I'm not entirely shocked over Adam struggling a bit, because I don't think his first two singles are anything that great! They pale in comparison to a song like Whataya Want From Me off his first CD. However, the one advantage Lambert has over David is that he's more popular overseas than David is. He could just be marketed in Europe-Asia if he bombs in the USA. It's not a bad idea for David to do those concerts in Philippines and Indonesia, since he has a built in Idol fan base there that he doesn't have in Europe for the most part.
  5. I wouldn't call it a mistake lol. It was a hit! Not platinum I don't think, but it got a LOT of radio airplay. And to this day it remains the song I hear of his the most on the radio or "elsewhere" out and about. I was always liked it from my first listen of DCTR but many fans groaned about it, more so when it was announced as a single. At the Night for Hope, David repeatedly called himself an "idiot" for not being crazy about CBTM at first. Honestly, it was the last hit he has had. And he'll be fortunate if he ever releases another single that does as well as that one. I hate to say it, but that could be the case! I mean, I HOPE that's not the case but we don't know. I guess my point is, we will never ever know how Declaration really would have done. I want to say that at some point in the past year, David said that he really really liked Declaration and wanted it as a single. Or am I dreaming? I don't think anybody (including David) was crazy about TLG, and that was one of the more "uptempo" songs on TLM. And it did goovna for him as a single. When he really needed a hit. I always thought one problem with TLG is that the music and lyrics didn't really go together. Uptempo music with depressing lyrics? I know some songs pull it off, but it's not the norm. The other problem is that I didn't think it was that GOOD of a song. Basically Ryan Tedder left over that he wasn't going to give to a big name star (not to slight David but he's not a huge name so he wasn't getting the best songs...). CBTM did well enough but you notice David didn't even get another single after it and it did only half as well as LO in sales if I'm not mistaken. I thought LO sold a million and CBTM sold about 500k in downloads. At least Declaration was a bit of a change from the likes of TOML and CBTM, so I felt like maybe it would have gotten him out of that "easy going pop and occasionally pop rock" category he was getting stuffed into on radio. LO was the hardest sounding single he's released yet and it's not what I'd call major rock! Also, I know non Cook fans who said they liked Declaration when I played them some of the songs so I wondered if it would have had more mass appeal than something like CBTM.Yep, I think David DID say he had wanted Declaration as a single so I would have to guess that the label shot that down. Well, as long as David has no major label, I'm not expecting him to get any new radio airplay. It takes $$$$$$$$$$$$ for that kind of promo and I would guess he doesn't have that right now.
  6. This reinforces that I STILL wish Declaration had been released as a single. I couldn't agree more. I thought it was a mistake to release a slower AC chart type song like CBTM.
  7. Well, part of the problem may be that many of the songs on David's last CD are NOT exactly what I'd call rock. It's more light pop rock at best but this is just my opinion. Of course the rock category nowadays contains songs I don't really consider real rock anyway. I suspect that younger people tend to prefer hip hop and dance music now than what kind of music David makes.
  8. This! David does have a throw back sound to the 80s and 90s rock, so I can see why younger people nowadays may not be as into his music and why his fan base leans a bit older (as in not as many tweens, teens, early 20s in particular). Of course, I personally think that most of the music that teens like today is garbage but that's a whole other topic. I remember when some fans were predicting David would be a huge super star and it always made me cringe a bit, to be honest. Why? Because his music isn't what is "in" right now and knew it would be an uphill battle.
  9. Yep, I think David has a natural inclination to want to slow songs down which is why a good co-writer can help him there. I guarantee that TLM has slower songs overall than DCTR, since I also noticed the variety on DCTR in comparison. For example, "Declaration" is a great example of somewhat more uptempo yet you note how David started slowing even THAT down over time.
  10. back to you! I agree about the similar song titles even on TLM. There are not only two "Believe" songs but two with "Goodbye" in the name. Although one of my favorite songs on the album is GTTG, one of my LEAST favorites is TLG! Interesting that David was very resistant to "Paper Heart," yet that's one of the songs I like more and it stands out as being a bit more distinct from the others. I wonder if he possibly was AGAINST releasing it as a single too? I think it would have been a lot better a selection than FIM (don't hate it but let's face it, it's a bit along the lines of TOML with the adult contemporary sound). As I said in the previous post, David seems to like slower tempo songs but he's not doing himself any favors in terms of radio airplay and sales if so.
  11. ITA. But the songs-sounding-the-same actually bothers me more than the sameness of the angst-darkness theme the songs dwell on. I really wish there were marked variations in the rhythm, beat, and melody from one song to the other to make each song memorable. I think Adele does this variation quite well. For example, "Rolling in the Deep, "Someone Like You", and "Fire to the Rain", to me, sound uniquely different from one another in melody and rhythm, although they appear to be dealing with similar themes - lost love/regrets. Which leads me to start musing -- I wonder if David's dislike or even disdain for "dance beat" in songs has somehow cast a mental block in his mind when coming up with a melody and beat in his song-writing. He appears to be "stuck" on the ballad-with-somewhat-meandering-melody-and-beat mode (JMO). I look forward to the day when he can come up with songs that'll make him sound (to me at least) the way he sounds when performing his classic rock covers. That could be where a very skilled co-song writer could make a world of difference. It seems like David has a habit of preferring to slow down his songs and isn't that big on more uptempo songs but that could also contribute to the "sameness" we discussed. Sure, TLG was uptempo musically, yet the song LYRICS didn't MATCH the music of the song IMO and the song was too generic for my liking. I actually wouldn't mind if David did more songs that strayed from the "woe is me, I broke up" or even "I'm in love" theme but I have a feeling he's not too keen on going in lyrical directions that would be deemed controversial. Perhaps he's no Springsteen or U2 in that regard.
  12. David selling way less of his second CD is becoming the norm more than the exception, sad to say. Just among Idols, I know that Adam Lambert's recent CD is not selling like mad (although probably a bit better than DC since he's doing dance pop), and Kris Allen is selling even less than David did. Throw tomatoes at me, but I think David does need to try to write more songs that have a bit more of a "hook" for radio. Perhaps he can team up with other song writers who have that knack (and no, Ryan Tedder's left overs like Last Goodbye are NOT what I have in mind!). Of course, his dilemma is probably that his style of music isn't exactly trendy at the moment.
  13. Well, if she IS a fan, I am pretty sure he's not going to admit it to his fandom!
  14. I think David was scared he'd get another Caldwell type reaction but what he didn't realize is that many fans just disliked HER in general. It's about time he finally went public about his gf. I suspect it was more his idea to keep her out of the limelight than the other way around but who knows? It definitely was the worst kept secret so he was not fooling anybody. LOL.
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