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  1. Ok my random Dave moment... Since things have been kinda quiet here I've been catching up on my other obsession-Bones. I was looking around youtube yesterday and came across a fan video set to David's version of ABMB. I kinda freaked. A non-WN using David as a background song?? Too cool. Not to mention David Cook AND David Boreanaz-that's almost TMTH
  2. I'm just catching up-Heroes + Champagne Supernova= Fucking amazing. That's all.
  3. Something I haven't seen mentioned-Disney has the AI attraction, so they are connected. David is an AI winner, he will never be able to move away from that association. Since Jordin and Kris were also mentioned in the OP maybe there is some sort of contract that AI winners will appear on the CD or something. *Shrugs* IDK, I don't see what the big deal is. I don't see how it could hurt his "rock cred" It is a side project, not a David Cook project. Those who want to listen, will and those who don't, won't. As far as I'm concerned, it's good publicity
  4. Remember the guy that killed the magic rainbow (and not in a good way) last season??
  5. all I will say is that guitar player is no Neal Fucking Tiemann....
  6. OMG. Can he be any freakin cuter???? Seriously. Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a David Cook.
  7. Does anyone have the mp3 link for the Feed Your Ego remix??
  8. *sigh* Does Idol/19 check ANYTHING before they proceed???
  9. Omg. Only David Cook can pull that off.
  10. ^if it's what I think it is, read through Neal's timeline and you will get the gist..That's all I'm sayin.
  11. ^^ That just proves David can have a great career and never win one of those stupid trophies.
  12. Umm..not sure how I feel about this...Good review for David-bad review for fans...
  13. Isn't that funny how we all had a fit about CBTM being a single? And now look-it has us all bawling. I didn't really lose it in Elizabeth, but there were definitely tears in my eyes by the end of the song. And the vids from this show?? Yeah. Lost it. Gone. Bawling. The song has kind of taken on a new meaning with the end of the tour, and I kinda love it now.
  14. Aww They might have left him out in the cold, but I'd gladly warm him up
  15. No harm done-we all love him and want the industry to see him the way we do. All we can do is support him. He has YEARS to win those awards, we all need to remember that.
  16. Exactly-who needs a dumb grammy nomination when you have thousands of people telling you they love you. I don't think David would trade any of us for a trophy.
  17. Agreed. This is out of our hands-let's not make it worse for David...
  18. I see what you mean, David was off the radar lately. Except "Light On" sold better than it's given credit for -I thought 1 million downloads, which is pretty impressive for a pop-rock song! CBTM is the one that didn't do as well, but I'm not surprised since it was a mistake to release that song as a second single in the first place. David got screwed out of a third single, maybe RCA/19 were too busy pimping their golden boy Adam Lambert. I like Adam but the media hype was over the top. Yeah Light On went platinum-which was great-but it took it almost a year to get there..it wasn't the instant mega hit that went straight to the top-that was what I meant about the 2 singles not burning up the charts..I'm not sure David will get that mega hit song anytime soon unless he decides to go the techno/pop/dance/R&B route. And if he does, well, I might die a little....
  19. You know-I watched that shit fest last night, and I wanted that hour of my life back when BNA wasn't announced on air. So I looked it up and saw that David was shut out, and you know what...I really wasn't surprised or disappointed. Sure I wanted that for him. More than anything. But in reality I guess I knew it wasn't in the cards this year. Looking at it from a non-WN point of view, other than the album going platinum, David has been LOW on the radar in the music industry. He only released 2 singles (unless they count TOML) He hasn't released a single since April, and those 2 singles didn't exactly burn up the charts...Those of us in the loop know that he is out there selling out shows, but most people would probably be like "David who???" I actually heard someone mention that he was just a "one hit wonder" with TOML... Bottom line-next album needs to be amazing and 19/RCA needs to really push it. David will get there. He did pretty damn well for himself this year. Everyone else just needs to wake up. One day when he is a mega star we can look back and say "remember when...." and I think we will all appreciate that more than any award.
  20. ^I was thinking BNA-and a long shot possibly for album of the year and video for CBTM... Hope for the best expect the worst.
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