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  1. How in the world did I miss his BIG camera? Gah! This is what I get for not being here lately. So I went through all the pages! You guys are freakin' hilarious! Hahaha, I see another Keeper Tag coming! *Keeper of David's BIG CAMERA* LOL
  2. 13, 685 Maybe so... I'm hoping it is. So I could start saving for David's tour here. LOL Be back later (try?) Just had to finish my work! Happy Birthday again Sabryna! (haha I called you by your first name, see?)
  3. 13, 683 Of course that was for you! Have a cookie-filled birthday! Yep, I'm kinda busy. My boss bombarded me with reports, due tomorrow. *sigh* Woops, looks like my Singapore trip has been moved a little later. I was advised that it won't be this month.
  4. Happy Birthday August 13 Word Nerds! *future star! buddy! have a davetastic birthday! love ya hon!*
  5. This is hard. I love 'em all but these stood among the rest: Hello, Eleanor Rigby, Billie Jean, ABMB, MOTN, TWIK.
  6. Hello my loveboat buddies! *waves* Whoa! 18 pages already? You guys really talk a lot, still proving our boat is the most active. I missed you so much cos I got too busy with work and I'm not able to go online more often unlike before. Gotta work hard and start saving for David's concert here. Cent--- I hope your dad gets better. You and your family are always in my prayers. Be strong. Be strong, I know you are! Nice avi, BTW! Love it! Piano--- Woohoo! Congrats for being WN of the Week! You deserve it! Rocker--- Those pics are Ahh-mazing! Thanks for the vid you sent me on the space! I love it! I almost died. LOL Love to hear that Mavid dancing is back! I wanna see more. Oh! Can't wait till January! I wish he could tag MJ along. LOL Monica--- In case you change your mind about coming in the Philippines to give the book to DC on his first solo tour, you know who to call. ...LOL. Don't worry, we're really nice people! We don't bite! LOL... I totally understand that you can't leave yer family but to have you here sounds really really awesome. Well, someday I hope we could all have the chance to get together. *waves to other LB buddies! Penny, DR4, chiquita, Lory, luv! did I miss someone? I'm so sorry if I did! I love you all from the bottom of my heart! Have a good day y'all!
  7. And even if he ends up marrying her, I'd be happy for them - as long as he's happy!
  8. LOL at the pic! That was hilarious! And grrrrr at Chris! He definitely had to have his ears checked! WTF!
  9. I don't have a dc alarm too but he keeps me awake! He won't even let me sleep, I see him even in my dreams. LOL
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