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  1. Wheeeee, I'm back! 2) DCTR Release Day, NYC Post-Show: I was much calmer and more myself this time! David was signing copies of DCTR after his 8-song set at Hard Rock Cafe. And thankfully he did not remember me at all so I didn't feel like The Weird Girl From AI Tewer. Me: Hey David! Your show was amazing tonight! David: Thank you so much! (At this point our eyes met and he had a big smile on his face and I was all "What's my name?" in my head.) Me: I almost didn't make it tonight because I feel really sick. David: Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better soon. If it helps, I'm not sick but -- (I do not recall what he said here) Me: If I promise not to breathe on you, can I give you a hug? David: Tell you what, on three, we'll both hold our breath. Okay? You ready? One... two... ::LUNGES FOR HUG:: THREEEEEE! Me: Thank you! Have a great night! David: Bye! All I was thinking when he hugged me was "Oh shit, he tricked me. I breathed on him for a millisecond. I'm gonna get him sick and he'll cancel upcoming shows and it'll be all my fault! Thankfully, that didn't happen! But it was a lovely experience.
  2. I've met David 3 times and while he still doesn't know who I am, I won't hold it against him since about 3 years passed between the 2nd and 3rd meeting. I hope I don't have to go that long again though! 1) American Idol Tour, Long Island Pre-Show #2: I was as nervous as anything. And I am NOT the star-struck type. But suddenly he was standing in front of me and I was FROZEN. I wanted him to sign the cover of TV Guide that he was on with Archie and Syesha, which I had stashed inside the issue of People magazine that he was also in after he won Idol. I only was going to ask him to sign TV Guide, I literally just grabbed the nearest magazine to keep it in safely. Me: ...hi David... David: Hi! ::signs TV Guide, then immediately signs photo inside People:: Me: You don't have.... David: ::chuckles:: Ohhhh, People magazine! Me: Can I have a picture with you? David: Sure. ::I have to climb on part of barricade just to look remotely close to his height and I wonder why since he's not exceptionally tall:: Me: Can I have a hug? David: Sure. Me: I love you David. Thank you for everything. ::shaky voice:: David: You're very welcome, darlin'. He seemed kind of tired and I felt like a total fool. But really, I COULD NOT SPEAK for the life of me. And that is NOT me. But I was on such a high from finally meeting my all-time favorite celebrity that I didn't process it until later on. I'll tell my other stories later.
  3. OMG STACY, I never read that story before! That is the best David story I've ever heard!
  4. I love this! I don't watch Idol anymore, but I don't see the point in having the contestants perform songs they've already done before. David had so many touching performances on Idol and TWIK definitely stands out as one of them.
  5. ((((Wendy)))) I'm very sorry about the loss of your dog. We were truly blessed to have our dogs for even longer than they were expected to go. Chachi was my first dog and we had a deep bond... and we adopted him from a shelter as a puppy. In a way, we saved each other. It seems impossible to imagine having another dog because of how ripped apart I feel when I get so attached, but the reward of giving them all they love they deserve and then some is worth it. You did a wonderful thing rescuing an older dog - they are so often overlooked. While she can never replace Katie, I'm sure she is what you need (and needed) the most. I wish you many happy years with her!
  6. Thank you again, everybody. I am feeling much better today, though it may just be numbness. Last night, I honestly thought I was losing my mind. I was crying, the simplest things weren't making sense and I couldn't pinpoint why I was thinking or feeling certain things or what they even were. So I guess my feeling nothing today is my body's way of protecting itself from going too long feeling like I did last night. He was a very happy dog and I know he fought his way through a lot for me. But I couldn't let him push himself anymore. I hope he knew it was his time, too.
  7. Animals are VERY intuitive to that stuff. My other cat (who actually hated my dog) was wandering around the house last night meowing, as if he was looking for him. We took all the baby gates down (we had to block stairs because his legs were weak and we didn't want him falling down) and took his bed away, so I think the cat knows he's not coming back. He usually hates me too, but last night he kept jumping into my lap.
  8. Thank you everybody. It was the hardest afternoon, followed by the longest night, of my life. I know it'll take time, but I'll be okay. My cats were making me laugh last night with their antics. One of them climbed under my blanket and pressed herself against me. She had her head on my pillow and was letting me hug her like a stuffed animal. Once again, animals are truly amazing beings. I knew coming here would help me feel a little better too. I love my Word Nerd friends so much.
  9. So true, Made. I don't have any children yet, but it's so hard to imagine anybody meaning more to me than my animals! I just read the pet posts a few posts up with a heavy heart. This afternoon, I had to put my dog down. He was 15 1/2 years old, which is stellar for an American foxhound. He's been on seizure meds the last few months because he began having seizures back in February. The meds worked really well, but today my mom came home to him having a prolonged one. By the time she and my dad got him to the vet, he had been seizing for more than an hour. I left work early because I knew in my heart he wasn't coming home. The vet said that while he COULD do some things to help my dog, the bottom line is that the meds are no longer preventing the seizures from happening and there was nothing else he could do. I stayed in the room with him while they put him to sleep. Even though it was very difficult, I know it was the right decision. And I knew I needed to be there. And even though it was the right decision, it doesn't make it any less difficult. I got him when he was a puppy and I was 10 years old. He was my friend when my peers weren't. He was a huge reason I only dormed at college for one year, because my mom told me he was depressed the entire time I was away. And for what was supposed to take a short amount of time to kick in, the vet was saying that it was taking an unusually long time for him to stop breathing today after the injection. I had my hand on him the entire time and was holding his paw. I really believe that he felt my presence and was fighting to hang on for me until I told him he could go. And just when I think I've pulled myself together, I find a tuft of fur or his food bowl or walk into a room, expecting him to be lying there on the floor. Pets are pretty powerful. Sorry for the emo post. I'm not even usually this articulate. I know that I'll be all right in time, but right now I'm just devastated and I needed to type.
  10. Awwww Stacy, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'd probably have felt the same way you did. And I do agree with my mom. My kitty's used to SOME other living being always being around, so it would probably be too much for her to have to adjust to a brand new environment. David certainly did make life a lot better the year he came on the scene!
  11. Wendy, how do ya do, neighbor?!? I don't go to Connecticut too often, but I do love it there! I love the New England area in general. And I agree, there's nothing quite like living in NYC! It's crazy pricey, but worth doing just once! Stacy, I've asked my mom so many times to let me take Cupcake! She's actually my kitty and less of the family pet. But she's 14 years old and my mom thinks it might stress her out a lot to just up and move her after spending her entire life in the same house. Plus my fiance's allergic. My dog is just too old and not well to take with me and the other cat is my mom's. We MIGHT take the turtle, but my mom thinks she might miss him... yeah, we're crazy animal lovers in my family, LOL. That is so sad about you and David!!! I remember you saying how you wrote something for him at the Irving Plaza show and he wasn't sure if it was supposed to be funny or not! Really Dave, you're always cracking jokes, but other people do it too!
  12. I haven't seen this post before so I'll introduce myself to the newbies as I've been here since the Home's birth! My name is Lori and I'm 26 years old. I'm a LIfelong Long Islander but did spend my freshman year of college dorming in NYC, an experience I loved and hated for so many reasons. I just recently became engaged to the love of my life for the past 8 years! I recently began to work in advertising as a project manager and I absolutely love my job! It's so nice to not dread Mondays other than for the sole reason that it's Monday and of course I'd much rather sleep in! I still live at home but will be moving out this summer and into a new apartment with my fiance. The only reason I don't want to move is because I don't want to leave my pets behind, especially my dog and one of the cats. I love animals more than I care for the majority of people. I also love reading, going out to wine country, the NY Mets and road trips with the fiance. David Cook had me at "Hello." I actually became interested in him the week before, but I officially became a fan after "Hello." I've seen him live 4 times, but the only full-length show I went to was in December 2011 at Irving Plaza. (The other shows were 1 AI show, Do the Wright Thing Gala and DCTR Album Release.) I've met The Man on three separate occasions, one of them being my most embarrassing David-related moment. It's not over-the-top humiliating, but I was extraordinarily tongue-tied the first time I met him! My #1 David-related goal is to make him laugh.
  13. Bonnie, my dad has trouble following what's going on when we watch together, and I think part of it has to do with all the subtitles. I felt they were going especially fast last night for some reason. It would be great if this show was a sure thing to go on for a few seasons and then they could bring in EVERYBODY throughout the series and tie it all together. But I'm guessing each season will be a different set of people as that would be a tall order!
  14. TOUCH HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A SECOND SEASON! That being said, I have to say that although I LOVE the relationship that Martin has with Jake, I did think last night's episode bordered on ridiculous. Spoiler: I understand the whole point of the show is about taking a giant leap of faith and that Jake understands the world in a way that nobody else around him does. And I get that he is teaching Martin lessons in life and that Martin trusts Jake completely. BUT WHY, MARTIN, WOULD YOU REMAIN IN AN ALLEYWAY WITH YOUR CHILD AFTER YOU REALIZE THAT SOMEBODY IN THERE IS LOOKING FOR HIS GUN?!? I appreciate that you are allowing your son to guide you through life and help people, but WHY would you follow this troubled kid back to his apartment when you don't know what lies behind closed doors? And if you must, WHY would you bring your son into a potentially dangerous situation? Elliott turned out to be a great kid who was just being harassed into trouble, but Martin was reckless in the first part of this episode. That being said, I loved the way it ended. And I loved Martin's last line.
  15. Okay, I NEVER watch American Idol anymore and I was so glad he performed in the first half of the show so I could switch it off and go about my business (until Touch! But that's another thread). My initial reaction when I first saw a close-up of him was but then he got into the song and it was like with a mix of my mouth hanging open and being all . Ummm, I guess the basic theme of this post was that I love the song. And I love David Cook!
  16. I'm not worried about this news, to be honest. If Dave continues to put songs like the one he debuted last night... I'm really not worried about him. Keep doing exactly what you're doing, David. We're here for you no matter what!
  17. 2291 and dsil, David is your man again!!!
  18. My next venture, I think, is going to be Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer.
  19. Yeah, the website I read about it on said that part of the toss-up is due to the falling ratings and also partly because they renewed Fringe. Which I've never watched but I thought it would get cancelled for sure if it's airing on Friday nights. Then again, they'll need a replacement for House, so who knows what could happen?
  20. Board games Hard cover or paperback?
  21. I finally caught up with the two episodes I missed on Friday night! I'm still addicted to the show's concept. Unfortunately, it appears to still be up in the air as to whether or not they're renewing it. The show has lost nearly half its viewers since the premiere.
  22. Thank you all! People are actually comparing your weddings? But they're so far apart in time! Well, don't worry about it. You had your day and as long as you and your husband found it memorable and had a wonderful time, then that's all that matters. Congratulations!
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