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  1. I really love this album! I didn't really keep up with learning the songs that he previously performed live, so even the "old" songs are still a relatively new experience for me. I really love "I'm Gonna Love You," which is odd for me because I'm not at all into love songs. I wasn't even hugely into "Fade Into Me" from the last album. The only track I really can't get into is "Better Than Me." I love it lyrically, but overall I kind of lose interest by the end of the chorus.
  2. Hi there! I don't know how I remember my password either, haha. I only come on here every few months and it seems that most people have been absent from here for a lot longer than that, but it is nice to check in every now and then!
  3. So sad that it takes tragic news like this to bring people back together, but it's nice to see old-timers back on here again (including myself). Tomorrow actually marks 6 years since my Idol concert and my friend and I met MJ after the show and thought he was one of the awesomest people ever. Every so often we would still text each other and be like "Remember when we met Michael Johns and it was amazing?" Sorry to say I haven't followed him really since the Idol tour but I can't believe he's gone. The world lost a great performer and a great man. Long live Mavid.
  4. Love it! OMG I will never forget that show and that moment he was referring to. I was just telling somebody earlier today that the IP show in 2011 was the only concert I've ever actually sobbed after. I've cried at certain shows in the past, but right after he finished REM, I just fell into Stacy's arms and started BAWLING, I was so moved. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I finally realized at the Patchogue show that Heroes is one of my favorite live songs of his because of how the ENTIRE crowd gets into the "You're still standing" line, almost as if we came up with that line in the song for HIM and we're going to keep shouting it until he understands it. And this tour it seems as though he DOES get it because he does seem so much happier and more alive. I just hope it's not another 2 years before I can go to another show! I have to be honest, I'm not a HUGE fan of Where Do We Go. For some reason, it just didn't grab and command my full attention. I LOVE all the others though!
  5. OMG I typed out a whole (granted, not extensive) review and then my finger hit the Back button and I lost it all! This show was AMAZING. The venue was so small that even though my fiance and I were toward the back (it was a raised area), the stage was still like 50 feet away. I am so happy that the guys came all the way out to the middle of nowhere to play a show - that NEVER happens with bands I care about! Fiance even enjoyed most of the show and he only came with me because he didn't want to go all by myself, LOL. I had no clue D was coming out after the show to sign stuff, so I was happy about that! It was a VERY brief encounter, but he was wonderful as always. I didn't have time to mentally prepare for this encounter, so I was kind of nervous, even though I'd met him three times in the past. But I reached out for a hug, he signed my ticket stub, I told him it was a great show and his shows keep getting better every time, I don't remember what he said in response, and then he reached for a goodbye hug. His shows really DO get better with every tour! He was in GREAT spirits on Friday night, lots of energy from the crowd. I LOVE the new songs and I'm so happy they made up a good chunk of the setlist!
  6. YES, I noticed this in Patchogue. It wasn't so much that the men and women were evenly split, but you're usually hard-pressed to find more than a handful, so I was surprised!
  7. My boss at my last job did this last year for Special Olympics New York! It was a 13-story building, I believe. He invited any of us to do it with him, but I was a little wary, lol. It's totally safe though, and they give you a quick lesson beforehand. And the best part is your back is to the ground so at no point do you have to be aware of exactly how far you are from the ground!
  8. I can't believe he's coming to Patchogue! I moved to a town next to Patchogue last summer and nobody EVER comes out to this neck of the woods. I was set to pay almost double to go to the city (train fare would have been almost the full cost of my concert ticket), so I'm beyond thrilled about a cheaper ticket and being 10 minutes away from the venue!
  9. Starbucks Soup or salad?
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