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  1. I heard about this series! I want to read them too, but I'm wondering if I can handle 500-page books of S&M. Plus I still have the Millennium Trilogy that I haven't read yet. I'm trying to decide which series to begin first. I'm up to Part II of Mockingjay and it's starting to get a little better, but it definitely didn't grab me at first the way the first two did.
  2. Oh WOWWWWW, I love both, but I'll go with bagel since they're delicious here Iced tea or lemonade? (Arnold Palmer doesn't count, lol!)
  3. No, but I'm REALLY hoping to do so the next time I go hardcore on a diet! Have you ever done a regular workout program at home (Insanity, P90X, etc...)?
  4. Stacy, me too! The guy who took the woman's place in Flight 975 was my favorite. His entire role in the episode really makes you wonder about fate.
  5. The movie was definitely good, but nowhere NEAR as good as the book! (As I find is usually the case.) TBH, I think they could have made 2 movies out of the first book. I think I would have been very confused throughout a lot of the movie if I hadn't read the book. Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson were amazing though!
  6. Thank you everybody! We are very excited The wedding will be sometime in 2014 (we're thinking late May, early June). My brother is getting married next May and my future sister-in-law and I are each other's maids of honor. So I don't either of us to be distracted from the other's day because of our own. This also gives Kevin and me time to enjoy just being engaged for a bit. Once summer rolls around and we move in together (July 3rd!!!), we'll jump on the planning.
  7. Jeannie, did you finish the entire trilogy? I'm starting Mockingjay tonight. I LOVE LOVE LOVEDDDDDDDDDD The Hunger Games and Catching Fire was good too, but didn't quite grab me as much. I also took a few days off from reading it and it was hard to get back into after that, whereas I polished off the first book in two days.
  8. So I didn't catch last week's episode because I was in Rhode Island for a monumental occasion in my life that I wasn't aware of at the time ( ) but I think it should be in the On Demand menu for me to watch. How was it?
  9. Wings For Wheels - Bruce Springsteen
  10. My boyfriend of 8 years took me to Newport, RI last Thursday for a couple of nights. I thought it was a spur-of-the-moment, unplanned mini-vacation. So I was quite surprised when he took me to Forty Steps on Friday morning and asked me to marry him. Fortunately, I recovered enough to say yes.
  11. No Head Above Water - Theory of a Deadman
  12. Gavin Degraw Cadbury Eggs or Peeps?
  13. Don't think so, but I've gone to 11:00 movies. Do you celebrate Easter?
  14. 2240 Uhhhhhhhh... DAVID IS MY MAN!
  15. Happy Easter! I'm just going to my aunt's apartment for a small gathering and ham and lots of chocolate! This is my favorite holiday and one of my favorite days of the entire year, even more than Christmas. I love springtime and new life, it just brings such a great feeling to my heart
  16. Agreed. I really want to see how they would choose to end the series!
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