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  1. Hahahaha. I remember Andrew singing "It's a beautiful pictureeeeee KYLE LOOK AT THE CAMERA." And then apparently this happened.
  2. Stacy, you lived to tell that story?!? You're spot on though with his eyes kind of holding you captive until he releases you. And now my mind is going THERE...
  3. No - LOVE DC&TA's cover though Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis
  4. Hmmm... not sure if it counts as a superstition really, but I have this ring that I HAVE to wear all the time. I only take it off when I exercise or shower. I almost feel protected by it. It's a long story, but this ring means a lot to me. Anyway... yeah.. Do you collect anything?
  5. For me to wear, blue jeans. Neal or Devin?
  6. He's not kidding. I know one other show going on in NYC that night was Z100's Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden, which is sold out every year and at ridiculous prices at that. Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson were just two of the acts playing at that concert. I forgot all about it until I got back to Penn Station and was like "...shit." With that pandemonium going on 20-ish blocks away, 97 VIPs and 1,200 concert attendees is a damn fine job for David, I'd say!
  7. THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS. I could barely look at him right in the eyes the other night. When I was talking to him, I had to periodically look away because I was beginning to lose self-awareness. As it was, I forgot the name of the album in front of him thanks to those stupid eyes!!! Me: "I had a really shitty year... but two things made it suck a lot less. First and most importantly, my nephew was born. The second thing was This Loud... ::looks up to the sky to think:: ...MORNING. AAGGGHHH I FORGOT THE NAME OF THE ALBUM." That's when I knew my mind was putty from then on and just put my arm around him to take our picture. I wasn't nervous about seeing him at all. Maybe it's because I had met him twice already. I was anxious to get out what I wanted to say for sure, but I wasn't feeling nervous about being in his presence because hey, it's just Dave and the band. But those eyes... it's kind of not even fair.
  8. It's been roughly 40 hours since the end of the show and my throat is still sore! I've also developed this nasty cough and my voice isn't entirely back to normal. I must have positively WRECKED my vocal cords on Friday night! Re: his personal feelings about how TLM has done, I recall a moment from his show on the day DCTR was released. At the moment it was #2 on iTunes and he asked us what we thought it should be. After we all screamed "#1!!!!!" he grinned and said, "That's all that matters to me." He knows exactly how his fans feel about him and his music and I truly believe that that matters to him more than any of TPTB's opinions. I told him myself that TLM made my year far less shittier than it could have been and I meant it. I think things like that mean a lot to him and each time he steps onstage to do a show, the reaction he gets makes all the hard work worth it in the end for him. I wish you all could have been at this show. I'm so glad so many of you got to hear it through a ustream. It makes it easier to recap and explain our feelings about the show for those of us who got to go. This one show in particular was about so much more than the setlist. And Mal, I didn't realize that was you helping hand out passes! When Andrew called my name, instead of attempting my last name, I saw him showing you the list and asking for your help, LOL. That's when I was like, "Oh come on, just give it a shot!" And he actually got it! Nobody gets it right!
  9. Accurately described! There was also the point towards the middle of the show where he COULD NOT segue into the next song because we were all screaming so much. So he just gave up and stood back until it died down. Except it WASN'T. I've been to 3 Archie shows, and his fans have a reputation for being rabid. Well, this crowd positively TRUMPED anything I've ever witnessed at an Archie show. REM is, hands down, the most magical moment I've ever experienced at a concert. I tried explaining it to my bf this morning and of course he didn't understand. I tried but I'm sure many of you have the same barrier where he thinks, "She's just ecstatic because she touched him." And it wasn't that AT ALL... okay, so the act of it contributed to the epicness of the moment some, but it was just... it was almost like he wouldn't have been able to finish the song unless we all reached out to replenish his energy (and vice versa). Like he needed to be sure we were all real (and vice versa). I really do feel like he could have stood there all night like that, like as long as the music is playing, he ceases to even be aware of where he is and what he's doing. It was just so unbelievable. It was worth the 3-year wait and if I had to wait another 3 years to experience a show of this magnitude, I would do it.
  10. Okay, I just got home and have recovered just enough to type a bit. Sweet Jesus. I just need to start by saying that my last show was November 18, 2008. Yeah. It's been over 3 years since I last saw the band live, missing an entire tour completely. I was so freakin' psyched for this show. VIP: in a word, amazing. Andrew did such an awesome job that I high-fived him after the show and he even remembered me as the girl who requested that he sing U2 while taking my pic with the band. (He went with "IT'S A BEAUTIFUL PICTUREEEEE.") I wished Dave a happy early birthday. I told him how I've been having a really shitty year but 2 things have made it less shitty: first and foremost, my nephew being born, and second, This Loud Morning. And he looked so appreciative of that comment and that was really all I've been wanting to tell him since June 28th. I gave him two hugs. My favorite hugger was Andy. He is short. So is Monty. I legit had no idea. Wow they are fun-sized. Show: I really have no words. I love how much he loves NYC and feeds so much off the crowd. I love how I'm half deaf, not just from standing next to blaring speakers, but from the crowd screeching for 90 minutes straight. I love how my throat is on fire right now from singing and screaming at the top of my lungs. I love how he threw everything he had in him into performing tonight. I love how he reached out into the crowd towards the end of REM and how just touching him released all of the pent-up emotions in me tonight. I hugged Stacy right after and just started crying and couldn't stop until after the music stopped. I didn't even see the band leave the stage. I love how he came out in his pants with the laces up the sides and looking so gorgeous that my jaw dropped. And I love how as soon as he opened his mouth to start singing, I no longer registered what he was even wearing because GOD, that voice and those lyrics make me practically forget my own name. Let's just say, walking out of Irving Plaza and back into Regular World was akin to a culture shock and I went from feeling high on life to depressed beyond belief. This show RUINED me. Completely annihilated me. And I'd do this day all over 10 times over just to have it again. No, seriously... what the eff is it about this man?
  11. It was definitely Stacy because I heard her say those very words after the show, lol. This was said shortly after I finished sobbing into her shoulder after REM. Yeah. I'm never getting over this show...
  12. Oh my god. OH MY GOD. I can't even. I'm sobbing right now. Best show ever. EVER. Dead right now. DEAD.
  13. I would LOVE guitarless so I'm going to ask too I'm waiting outside now so I'll look for you!
  14. Oh and Stacy, want me to put in a guitarless song request with him when I see him later?
  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOO the day is here!!! I am sooooooo excitied! This is my first DC show since DCTR release day. Stacy, I hope to see you there!
  16. I *love* my laptop. I do need to get a new wireless mouse because touchpad SUCKS. But otherwise, I really don't see a single downside to having a laptop.
  17. Does anybody on here follow @TheDublinCook? And do we know if Andrew is the one who tweets for him?
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