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  1. Hey everybody!! I haven't been on here in a long time I always had a great time on here and i think i have met some of you. Ready for the next chapter David is going to put us on
  2. Hey Yeah i haven't been on here in a long time
  3. That's cute! Hey everybody I haven't found the photo yet but i know i seen it but i can't remember were i saw it at lol it could be all in my head.
  4. Hey! Well i can't seem to find that one photo anywhere and i remember seeing it. If i ever come across it i will post it
  5. Hey! - I'm sorry that i haven't been on here like forever. I hope everyone in here is good and loving all the new David stuff he's been putting out.. Can't wait for this Pre-Order to happen but anyways i have a question and it's probably a long shot cause nobody has seen this picture except for me and i know someone posted it and that's why i seen it ... okay I think this photo was taken at the same photo shoot as the one photo that everyone has seen .. The one of him holding a Brunette girl ankle and she's hmm "naked" *blushes* Well there is another photo unless it's not him hmm it looks like he's sitting with his head back and the same brunette girl either kissing or biting his neck.. Has anyone seen that picture or saved it? I'm sure pictures like that is probably not allowed in here but i don't know were else to go and find this photo unless i'm dreaming lmao! I know i seen it. Anyone know what i'm talking about? Pam
  6. Aw the lunch with him sounds so fun! I hope everyone that is going have a great time!! Can't wait to hear stories and see photos. Sadly I won't be there this year but I'll be there in spirit have a great time at the race too
  7. I really like the new single can't wait to buy it on the 30th of this month and very cool he's going to be on idol on the 2nd
  8. I'm trying to work something out and hopefully make it to race 4 hope this year :-) but if I can't. I can't wait to see photos and videos
  9. RT @safroniamay: Wow, This RyCoxEverybody has worked with Carrie, James Durbin, Scotty McCreary and Gavin DeGraw - and based in Nashville. :-) this is going to be exciting!
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