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  1. Holy Hottness Batman! I was really feeling sick this morning til I opened my phone and saw all that! DAMN...that man is gorgeous! Now gotta wait til I get home to see Daina's flickr set (full size & not just on my phone) cuz it's blocked here at work. DAMMIT! Can't wait to see the final shots in the magazine.
  2. Well, everywhere has said late spring...I'm sorry but July is SUMMER! I sure hope it's 5/7!! That would make more sense to me...
  3. Why wouldn't he wear it? What am I missing? Great photos! He's so beautiful! I was just sayin. I been a while since he's been photographed wearing it.
  4. Ok...why is he wearing the "Kiss on the Neck" necklace? HHMM??? Makes ya wonder! LOL. Thanks for blowing those babies up. NICE!
  5. Kinda funny, both of my favorite artists have a song called "High N Dry" (well High & Dry). First Def Leppard and now Dave. 2 totally different meanings though. LOL I thought it was good. Would love to hear a studio version.
  6. Here ya go Daina! Sorry for the delay! Don't go blind staring now!
  7. ROTFLMAO Daina...I don't even remember where that pic came from, I just know it's...ummm.....NICE! Yeah, no face time needed in that one!
  8. Hey Stacy! No, work other than that has been fine. Thanks for asking. Because we have ladies who like to shop all day online while they are supposed to be working was the main cause for the crack down. But of course, me spending hours on the WNH probably didn't help either! I'll just have to make time to visit more often. That's the hard part, not enough hours in a day!
  9. I am so upset I missed this years hunt. That is what I get for being MIA. Congrats to the participants and the winner mjkrueg!! And cantpickaname, it is so cool to see people still use my Gainesville David/Dubby pics as avi's. Those were priceless.
  10. Hey errbody...I've been MIA as well. Been so busy and too tired to spend much time on the computer. And of course, my job being a dick and saying they are "watching" out internet usage so can't do it there either. I have my bestie Barb (Shook) to thank for emailing me this LOVELY pic and it is now my work and iPhone wallpaper! Let just say my first thoughts of it were VERY naughty and I will leave it at that! I missed you guys soooo much! I must commit more time to the WNH.
  11. Ok...just looked at Nick's pics. The first one is amazing. BUT....I have one question. What was Skibby thinking? Nice outfit and little lady looking keds w/o socks? Yeah I notice the weird $hit! LOL!
  12. Woah..Jamie...that is amazzzzing. THANKS!!!
  13. Ok...damn. I have been away from the WNH for too long. I had to come and see the UStream and hear the new song. Love it. Thanks to Barb, Stacy and the rest of the UStream team for making it "almost" like being there.
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