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  1. RIP Jody..I haven't been on WNH in a really long time but I logged back on tonight upon hearing the news via twitter. A very sad day I remember her vividly from the early posts on WNH.
  2. I just logged back on tonight after a long hiatus as well! I just couldn't keep up with twitter/fb/dco..my personal life was suffering so I needed to step back for a while!
  3. aww this is going to be my last show as well...and I said that after the corn palace but I have a feeling this time it really is!
  4. I missed the snipets...can somone plz pm me a link and where are you all finding the lyrics to these songs at? Thanks
  5. Haha....I grew up on PB and mayo sandwiches with butter! I didn't mind them when I was younger but idk how one would fare with me today Don't till you try one!!!
  6. Congrats on your first show!!! I also can't wait for this show!!!
  7. This was a great interview! I talked to Karen after she did the interview and they were just glowing with excitement! She asked great questions and I was impressed with the questions that the DJ asked as well...not to many fluff questions but enough to keep it light!
  8. Hmmm...this thread has generated some good debatable points (which I will leave out of this post for now!) I have been to half a dozen shows or so and am going to a few more in the future and would like to think that I try to conduct myself in a way that is self respecting as well and respectful to the bands/crews/other fans/ etc.....not to say that I'm the "perfect fan", as who really is? On that note however, I have seen "mob-mentality" take over at shows and I have witnessed some pretty ugly/crass behavior by people whom I would like to believe would not really act that way in life! This IS NOT an excuse for ugly behavior, as everyone is responsible for their own actions! By putting up this pact maybe we can help remind and lead by example! So in conclusion to my mini rant, I'm glad this thread was started, as it never hurts to have a reminder once in awhile! Sign me up for the pact, as I will support anything that may help make the DWEEB show more enjoyable for all A few more to add to the list: I will not lie to my boss about being sick anymore just so I can spend the day waiting in line outside all day And I will not enter the tour bus while David is getting dressed unless invited
  9. Hi everyone! I finally have time to upload my pics/vids from this show!! These two Iowa shows were amazing!!!! Everyone I saw had fun and David was on point!! Here is my video for Til I'm Blue, it's the only video I took, b/c I love this song to no end and my videoing skills suck!
  10. Hi everyone! I made it back in one piece from my 4 day vacay in chicago!! The show was amazing, TIB live is just breath taking My favorite banter of the night was when someone was holding up a sign that said "I'm still burning for silver" and David goes...you know they make ointment for that! I saw alot of familiar faces from here but am not quite brave enough yet to just go up to anyone My favorites of the night were lie and decl. but I thought he was great for all the songs! Another cool moment was when Neal played with holding his guitar up behind his head!!! And watching the crowd during ADAM from the balcony was really heartwarming We had a great view from the balcony, they put my brother right up against the center rail so he could see! I have to give HOB security credit for all their help with my brother, they let us in early and had a spot all set up for him He had a great time!! I also have to give they staff at Wrigley field big props and thanks for all their help as well, they have exceptional handicapped accessible seating and the staff is wonderfully helpful! Out of all the places we have been to, wrigley field has been the best at being helpful/accommodating!!
  11. I was lucky enough to hear anodyne the first time they played it..haven't heard it live since, as much as I would love to hear it again!! When I heard it, I had never heard the MWK version and he hadn't done it during a show yet, so I didnt' know any of the words! I think I was concentrating to hard on hearing what the words were as oppossed to fully taking in the greatness of the song You never know with these guys....I bet they break it out again somewhere down the line!!! Can't wait to hear some great HOB recaps from tonight!!!
  12. awsome for TIB!!! It seems he has been rocking out the DCTR lately!
  13. aww what a cute family you have!! I am so glad someone from here won and you got to bring the family!!! Can't wait to hear about how it went
  14. Thanks for sharing these songs with us! I still can't believe after this long, i'm still finding *new* david material
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