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  1. Penny congratulations on your daughter's marriage and Carissa for reaching ABMB. Also belated happy birthday wishes to Cheryl !!!!!!
  2. HEEYYYYYY BUDDIES!!!! Monica,Penny, Carissa, Rocker, Cheryl, Lory, Jas, Cent, Exuberant, Luv and everyone else I've missed you!!!!!!!!! and after reading this thread from the beginning I'm overwhelmed that you've missed me too Aaaah, I don't know where to begin!! There has been happening so much... Oh firstly, I'd like to apologize my disappearance act for 2 months.. Never meant that to happen, but life just got in the way some how... I was afraid to come here 'cos I knew that news were piling up, and I didn't know where to start.. But now I'm here, on a rainy Sunday afternoon (here in Netherlands anyways) because I was thinking of you guys. Hopefully I'll be braver to visit more often '8)
  3. HELLO GIRLS!!! Long time no see. And welcome DCnBeX
  4. HI GUYS!!! I've been in Netherlands since last Tuesday and I've been missing a connection at the flat so I haven't been able to check in here. I must have missed so much!!!! Lovin's concert and Cent's concerts at least.. and Carissa was in one yesterday? So much to catch up with! I'm at the school library right now, so there won't be too much time to read everything. Soon I'll go shopping for a bike, 'cos one's necessary in here Hope you're all doing great! I try to get back on tracks... Oh and Jas had a birthday? Belated happy birthday wishes!
  5. Hi guys How are you? Found here throught the old thread..and just realized I haven't requested our ms page to be my friend
  6. This is exactly what I've been wondering about!! How can you not love him
  7. Lovely Thursdave to each and every crew member I spy Carissa and Luv on the boat *waves* Loved those.. what do you call them Carissa, aphorisms?
  8. Aaaww, thanks for sharing this beautiful message!
  9. This is such a cool idea Jodie!! :acookie: HAPPY belated DAY of HEARTS everyone
  10. Thank you so much Jen for organizing this!!! I'm definitely in Now I have to start planning where I want my pictures taken and who is patient enough to help me with them Oh, I would like to request the letter B, if that's ok? This is going to be so much fun
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