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  1. Our u-streamer, @mbenz01 was looking for a better seat than row M. Maybe you could tweet her or DM her on twitter. EVERYONE would be happy if she got a better seat, lol. ETA: I just DM'd her that you have that ticket, so she'll let you know on twitter if she wants it. Thanks, Stacy! I haven't heard from her, but I'll check and see if she's still looking for one.
  2. If anyone is looking for another ticket or knows of anyone who is, I have an extra ticket. Row G. I'd hate to see it go to waste, but I can't find anyone else who is interested in going.
  3. That's definitely a good idea! $48 a night for parking at the hotel is ridiculous! I'm leaving after the show and going back to southern Maryland so I'll just be parking in one of the nearby garages. Probably the PMI Garage.
  4. I noticed on another page someone mentioned construction on Constitution Ave. Was that you? Does anyone know if this is still an issue? I'll have to make sure I avoid it if it is.
  5. I had been meaning to pop in here, but I kept forgetting! I'm going and I'll be in Row G in seats 5, 7, and 9. Anyone sitting near me? I convinced a friend to go with me, but I still have an extra ticket. Hopefully I can get another friend to go and drive because I really don't want to drive in DC! I'm only an hour outside of DC, but there's just too many crazy drivers there for me! Lol. It seems like a majority of you are flying in from out of town. Will anyone else be driving to the show?
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