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  2. The first post has been updated to include information about thumbnails.
  3. Pretty Ugly Little Liars previously originated within another domain that unfortunately came to a sudden close, the forum itself had a history of opening up discussions about potential or definite snowflakes, online personalities, and other popular figures, and exposing the problematic behavior as well as whatever may follow of their shortcomings and actions. This new site, although perhaps not perfect, is to run in it + the new site's absence. The main goal and purpose of this site is to function as a surrogate for the brand new notPULL, archive and hold receipts, but tiny conversations that may produce more receipts we can hold is encouraged.
  4. We are a small group that plays on Discord but has a forums on Forumotion. The name of our game is Rage Across the Highlands, which is based in and around the Highland city Inverness. The Caern is controlled by the Fianna Tribe but there are representatives from other tribes present. We do require that players know the basics of playing Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition (W20). The web address to our the server on Discord https://discord.gg/6mdSHXE6
  5. Share your blogs, forums, websites, etc. that are related to the season of Autumn. It could be for Autumn celebrations, hunting, camping, etc.
  6. Share your forums, websites, blogs, etc. that are related to Halloween.
  7. Share your blogs, websites, forums. etc. that deal with the educational field.
  8. Share your websites, forums, blogs, etc. about vacation spots around the world.
  9. Share your blogs, websites, Youtibe channels, blogs, etc. that are about your nation. It could be about vacation spots, places to eat, history of your nation, etc. This special will end on July 4, 2021.
  10. Share your Easter themed websites, forums, blogs, etc. After you share them, they will be shared on Twitter. The Twitter account is here: https://twitter.com/zootycoonumc?lang=en
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