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• All members must have a valid facebook link, this is compulsary for all members. You can have a look at this thread for more information on how to add your link. If you are worried about your facebook security then you can find all the information you need here

• Do not post any personal information in the forum, this includes your email address.
Remember members can e mail you through the dedicated email button under your avatar. This way your email address will remain hidden. PSFC will not be held liable for any damage that becomes of sharing this information with other members.

• Do not post inappropriate/obscene language, this includes mis-spelling the word or using symbols to try getting around the language filter. Remember, PSFC and Pet Society have members/players as young as 13.

• Do not be rude or abusive to any member, Moderator or Administrator, this includes messages in pm and through facebook.

• Do not post just to increase your post count. This is classed as spamming.
This includes bumping, thank you’s and welcomes.

• Before posting a query, try searching the forum for another thread that contains the answer you are looking for or someone else who has started a similar thread...chances are that its there!

• Do not post links from other web sites unless the link has been approved by Site Administrator. This includes links in pictures and graphics

• Do not advertise any sites that sell Playfish item or cash coins for sale (this includes Ebay) or sites that promote cheating/hacking.

• Do not post any graphics showing hacked items

• All posts must be written in English unless posted in one of the dedicated language forums.

• Before posting a question or suggestion check to see if it has already been posted/asked.

• Members are only allowed one account in the group. If a member is found to have more than one account then they face having all accounts banned.

• Any member found to be taking any games, competetions, threads or graphics from this site and using them on any other site will face an immediate ban

• You may only have one line of graphics in your signature which must not exceed 250px high and 720px wide.

• Anyone found to be advertising any other forum (apart from Playfish forum) will receive an immediate ban from PSFC


Any Moderator or Administrator can issue warnings to members for breaking any of the group rules and guidelines.
You will be informed by pm that you have been given a warning and the reason why. The amount added to your warning bar will depend on the severity of offence. When your warning bar is full, you will be issued with a 7 day ban. A member of Admin can reduce your warning level if they see your behaviour has improved or that you have followed the instructions given to you.

Any member who is:
A known scammer
Found to be abusing any member/ Moderator or Administrator
Posting illegal links or severe spamming
Will receive a permanent ban from PSFC

You can appeal a warning by pm’ing any member of the Administration team . The Administration team will always look into every case, however remember that the Admins word is final, if they uphold your ban then you will be notified and any further appeals will not be dealt with.

Our team of Administrators and Moderators are very active and do read through all the posts, and action will be taken against anyone breaking the rules of the group.

If you have any questions or concerns, please pm any member of the Admin/ Mods team

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