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Trunk sale

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Help me do some spring cleaning. I want to get rid of objects that are duplicates or are just taking up space in my trunk. Please make an offer.

Big pink office chair
Shopping bag decor
Shell picture
Haiti poster
Pink heart wall sticker
Wooden rocking horse
Newcomer picture frame decor
Pink gift basket
Modern red couch
Elegant white piano

Plushies, dolls, and toys:
Jester doll
Leprechaun's wife plushie
Leprechaun plushie
White kitten plushie (three in stock)
Cute puppy plushie
Red panda plushie
Baby lamb toy

White cute crown
Bee hairband
French maid's cap
Golden half-mask
Tiger bib
Diamond blue ring
Obsidian bangle
Blue bracelet

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Guest Guest
i think Red Panda plushies are non-giftable cause they are the free-gift items. same with the pink gift basket and blue robins.

Cute Puppy plushie if i remember is the item hideeni gave away. those aren't giftable from what i remember.

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