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Planing on getting back to farmvillle

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the first ever FB game i played was farmville and i fell in love with it very fast, i played it for several months, but then i steped into PS and farmville was left behind with all the other games that i used to play at the same time like island paradise, happy aquarium, fishville and petville, to mention a few

so today i steped into treasure island and remind me of those happy days when i used to play Farmville.
every once in a while i click on the post gifts to collect golden chickens, valentine gifts easter eggs or whatever the theme is at that moment, but i havent really entered the game, my farm is fulled with christmas items still. that was the last time i played farmville
not to say that i was a regular PS player since way back, but now im feeling in the mood to returning to the days when i used to be a farmer.
im really left behind, i dont have any horse stable built, or big house thingy, or nothing, so i dont know what to do. can i still have a chance to collect whatever it is i need to built whatever i need to built?

too many things have changed since chirstmas so i dont knoe what is going on now on FV
whats that about the puppy? do i have to selll everything i have from x'mas, or can i now storage it
i need some advice of how to upgrade myself into the game

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Guest Guest
I'm planning to get back too.. I have about a gazillion gift and neighbor requests and it's time to think about returning...

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