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  1. i dicided to give free PS items for each follower i get form PSFC for @thalia. all you have to do is follow @thalia on twitter and then tweet " i follow @thalia thanks to @angelxacur " i will send you the gifts
  2. Please people, im still running a little short, can you please keep helping me
  3. thats ok, the thought it what counts :kiss1:
  4. thats all you have to do, unless you want to help me to get more follows for @thalia and tell them to tweet " i Follow @thalia thanks to @angelxacur " that would be awesome. you dont know how much i appreciate this... its a lot for me :kiss1:
  5. lol. i know, not alot of people do tweets, thank you so mucho for your help it really helps me
  6. thank you so much... you dont know how much i appriciate it.. you can stalk me whenever you want lol
  7. can you make a tweet that says " i follow @thalia thanks to @AngelXacur" or something like that.. please
  8. Lol... thank you chay,, rember to follow thalia untill tomorrow...
  9. i dicided to give free PS items for each follower i get form PSFC for @thalia. all you have to do is follow @thalia on twitter and then tweet " i follow @thalia thanks to @angelxacur " i will send you the gifts hi everybody, as you all know im a big fan of a mexican singer named Thalia, you can see a pic of her in my avatar. Thalia is making a twitter contest with help of a fan club. it cosists in 4 stages. i already completed the first 2 and im now in the third one. now my new task is to gain 40 new follows per day in two days for her. please please please i beg of you. go to your twitter account and follow @Thalia, then let me know with your twitter name that your following her so i can make a caption of your follow and complete my task. my twitter account is @AngelXacur the third stage starts on thursday may 26, please follow her in that day and on friday 27 i know that i can count with my PSFC family. i love you all so much thankyou in advance
  10. thank you everybody, im only 8 more to go to complete my 99 project... please help me thank you to all my PSFC family who has help rep for all
  11. thank you chay and elfinshadow... please all my friends please send me more, i read that they are for limited time only
  12. please pretty please, can everybody please help me to complete my 99 project of the new Rainbow bait, i so much like the little fishies thanks everybody and please do help me
  13. if you are willing to give up your Play fish cash for yellow coins. the game gives you this option. 5 BC for 1500 YC. that makes 300 YC x 1 BC but if you buy one of the arabian elephant, with the new discount at 1 BC you can sell it for 990 YC so the math is easy, if you want to make yellow coins by buying them, dont change 5 BC x 1500 you can make more than that with just 2 BC 990x2= 1980 its not the best free way to make yellow coins, but at least its legal and you get a nice profit what do you think of this?
  14. the bundles are mixed up in the girls department, but in the boys department they are not. expample: if you buy a heavenly whatever outfit in the girls department you will get the underground outfit but if you go to the boys department and buy a heavenly outfit you will get the heavenly outfit the mistake is only in the girls part of the shop get it?
  15. Lucky.... in very good thank you... gooooooooddd to see you toooooo
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