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new Bi-plane!

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FarmVille Biplane!

Grow your crops instantly with a little help from above!

The new FarmVille Biplane grows all your crops instantaneously by applying an eco-friendly mix from the air! The Biplane can be purchased from the “Vehicles” Tab in the Market for 30,000 coins and is unlocked at level 12.

Applying Instant Grow with the Biplane costs Farm Cash. The amount of Farm Cash you pay is dependent on how much time is left until your crops mature and how many seeded plots are on your farm. After you first purchase your Biplane, you are entitled to one free application of Instant Grow. To use it, simply click on the Biplane and select “Apply Instant Grow”.

Make sure to also check out our new Co-op mission and Collection set, along with more Limited Edition Tuscan Items and new Birthday Decorations!

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