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my favorite songs and band of all time - three days grace ♥

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i love three days grace. i just LOVE them!!!!!

adam gontier has the best voice in the world, if you ask me (after anthony keidis lol)
thay're really talented and their songs are beautiful. just., like they're comming straight from their heart. they're true. tehy sing about life and how it's not all butterflies and rainbows. did i mention i love them?

my favorite song with the whole band is over and over

and my oher favorite song.. well.. it's not really three days grace, but it's their singer. so, it's the same lol
its apocalyptica and adam gontier - i don't care

i know most of you don't liek this kind of music, but i do, and i just wanted to share my favorite songs with you

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Adam Gontier is amazing and I love both songs.They're both on my mp3.I am listening to 2nd video now.I love his voice and so does hubby.Hubby is a musician though Smile

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