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Treasure Isle beginners

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Getting familiar with your menu – Let’s begin with the Treasure Isle menu. Understanding your menu will help you get the most out of this game.

•Zoom In – This tool is what you will use to zoom in closer.

•Zoom Out – This tool will zoom you out of your island.

•Full Screen – This tool will carry you into full screen where you can get a larger view of your island.

•Arrow – This tool is used for many things like harvesting crops, planting crops, and collecting items.

•Shovel – This is the tool you will use for digging treasures.

•Treasure Chest – When you collect treasures from islands, this is where they will be stored. You will see what treasures you need to find and what treasures you have. You will also see the reward for these treasures you will get once a set is completed.

•Map – This is the tool you will use to visit islands and go digging for treasures.

•Store – This is what you will use to buy items for your island.

•Backpack – This is where your gifts, crops, and gems are stored.
Harvesting crops – When you first begin with Treasure Isle, you will have crops that are ready to be harvested. Harvested crops will be stored in your backpack. The crops will give you energy. How much energy you will get depends on the which crop it is. I will explain more about energy further on in this guide. To harvest your crops, click your arrow tool in the main menu and click the crops that are ready. The crops will then be stored in your backpack and you can plant more.

Planting crops – To plant crops, you will first need to select your arrow tool. Next, click a plot you want to plow and click Plant Fruits. A box will open and you will see the crops you can buy. Click a crop to purchase it. When the box closes, the crop will be planted in the plot you clicked.

Inviting friends – Friends are a huge benefit in this game. Friends help you by sending treasures, energy, gems, and gifts for your own island. You can also visit them daily to collect coins, earn points, and collect gems. So, if you have friends who do not play, you may want to send them in invitation. To do this, click the Invite Friends tab at the top of your screen and when the page reloads, select the friends for whom you want to send the invitation. If they accept you invitation, you’ll see them appear under the My Neighbors tab.

Adding neighbors – Just because you have friends that play the game does not mean they are your Treasure Isle neighbors. You must send them a request to become your neighbor in the game before this can occur. To do this, you will need to click on the My Neighbors tab at the top of the screen. On that page you’ll then need to click the Add as Neighbor button beside the friends you want to send the invite to. If they accept, you will then see them in your neighbors panel.

Removing neighbors – If you have friends in your list that you don’t want anymore, you can easily remove them. All you have to do is click the Add Neighbors tab at the top of your screen and when the page reloads, click on the remove button next to their name.

Friend pop up messages – As you play Treasure Isle, you’ll often see pop up messages asking you to help your friends. A lot of times, these messages will pop up when you are on your island home. Occasionally, you will see them while digging for treasures. If you accept the job, you will be redirected to their island where you can earn coins and experience points.

Moving and selling Treasure Isle items – You have the option of moving and selling all the items on your island. To do this, you will need to select your arrow tool. Then, click an item you want to move or sell. When the menu opens, you will see your moving and selling option. Select the option of your choice. To sell an item, you will see a box open and show you how much you will earn. Then you can continue with the sell or you can cancel out of it. To move an item, you will need to move your mouse to where you want the item and click your mouse to place it.

Treasure Isle rewards – Once you have collected all of the treasures required for a particular island, you will be rewarded. the reward you receive will depend on the island. Some of the rewards include large amounts of coins and large amounts of experience points. You can open your treasure chest at the bottom of your screen to see what each treasure set offers.

Treasure Isle energy – Energy is used for every plot you dig. For a plot of grass you’ll lose 5 energy points and if it’s a tree or flowers, you’ll lose 7 energy points. Once your energy points run out you’ll have to wait until it refills or seek other ways of obtaining energy. When you level up, your energy bar will be completely refilled.

Right side icons – When you are digging for treasure, you will see round icons on the right side of your screen. Below the icons are numbers. Those numbers represent how many treasures you need to find and how many you have already discovered. Clicking on an icon will tell you what you’ve already found and what you need to find to complete the set.

Treasure chest with question mark – On the left side of your screen you may occasionally see a treasure chest with a question mark appear. These are treasures that you have left behind. If you click on this icon a box will pop up where you can see the treasures and accept them.

How do I plow more fields? – When you install Treasure Isle, you will only have to plots you can plant crops in. At this time, you cannot add more plots. You are only allowed to have two. There is talk that the developers will be giving us the option of planting more plots. When this option becomes available, we will update you.

Going shopping in Treasure Isle – Treasure Isle allows you can go shopping for decorations, gems, trees, animals, tools, and more. To acess your storefront, click the store tool at the bottom of your game. When the store opens, you can click a category you want to view and start shopping. Simply click the Buy button to make your purchase. Then click your island to place your new item where you want it.

guide credit goes to http://tomuse.com

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