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How to play Treasure Isle

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Earning points in Treasure Isle – Acquiring experience points (XP) is necessary to level up in the game. Climbing to higher levels will unlock new items, new islands, and recharge your energy level. Listed below are a few ways to earn XP points in Treasure Isle.

•Helping friends – Helping your friends will earn you 5 XP points. If you have a lot of friends, this will quickly add up.

•Digging for treasures – Every time you dig for treasures, you will get XP points. Some plots offer just one point while others offer more.

•Completing an island – When you complete an island, you will be rewarded with experience points. How many XP will depend on the island.

•Collecting a set of treasures – Once you have accumulated a set of treasures collected, you’ll earn more experience points.

•Buying items for your island home – When you purchase items for your island home, you’ll also be rewarded with points.

•Leveling up – The more you do, the faster you level up.
Earning coins in Treasure Isle – It seems really easy to earn coins in Treasure Isle, especially when you are digging for treasures. That’s because you are constantly digging up coins. Below you will find a list of way to earn coins in Treasure Isle.

•Visiting friends – Visiting and helping your friends daily will earn you 20 coins. That may not sound like much, but if you have a lot of friends, it quickly adds up.

•Digging for treasures – You will often be rewarded with coins while digging for treasures.

•Clicking on your daily treasure – Clicking on your treasure chest once a day will also earn you coins. This is the chest floating in your water.

•Clicking your friends’ daily treasure – Clicking the treasure chest in your friends’ water will also earn you coins. You can click each friends’ chest once per day.

•Selling unwanted items – If you have items on your island or in your backpack that you no longer want, you can sell them to earn extra coins.

•Selling gems – You can also sell your gems that you do not need. If you have a lot of gems that are the same kind, sell some of them and you will earn a little extra in coins.

•Taking surveys – Of course, you’ll always have the option of taking surveys or filling out offers to earn cash. You can find this option on the Add Coins and Cash page.
How to earn more energy – Below we’ve listed several ways to collect more energy in Treasure Isle.

•Leveling up – Upon leveling up you’re energy level will be completely refilled.

•Fruit – Fruit harvested from your garden or received as a gift can be used to earn more energy. From your island, click your backpack and select the Use button below all of the fruits you want to use. Below each fruit you’ll see how much energy you can earn.

•Buy energy – Buying energy from the store is another option.

•Wait for energy – One energy point is regained every five minutes.

•Request energy – You can also request an energy pack from your friends. On the left side of your screen click the highlight icon and send your request.
Collecting gems from your trees – Gems are used to unlock parts of islands you dig on. You can collect gems once a day from your own gem tree and you can collect them once a day from your friends’ trees. To collect the gems from your tree, select the arrow tool and click your tree. Your gems will then be placed in the basket.

Collecting from your treasure chest – In your water, you’ll notice that there’s a treasure chest. If you click on it every day you’ll earn Treasure Isle coins.

Buying cash and coins – If you need more cash or coins you can always purchase them. Simply click the Cash and Coin tab at the top of your game and choose your options for purchasing cash and coins.

Visiting friends – To visit your friends, you’ll need to click on their profile image located at the bottom of your screen. Upon doing so a window will appear and you’ll need to click the Visit Friend option.

Helping your friends – When you first get to your friends’ island, you will be asked to do something. You can click accept in the pop up window to accept the job and you’ll earn 20 coins and 5 XP points. Afterward, you can collect a gem from your friend if they have any in their basket. You can also collect coins from the treasure chest in the water by simply clicking on it.

Visiting Islands – You can visit islands to dig for treasures. To view your island map, you can do one of three things and I will show you all three ways.

•Using your map – You can use your map tool that is located in your menu. When you click the map tool, you will see a map of all the islands that you’ve completed.

•Using your boat – Click on the boat next to your island and select Travel from the menu that opens to access your map.

•Island button – Above your menu is a purple island button. When you click this button it will take you back to the island you were currently working on. If you haven’t been working on an island, it will take you to the first island.

Digging for treasures – To go digging, you will first need to select the island you want to visit. Next, you’ll be shown the hidden treasures you will need to find. Before you can start digging however, the land plot will need to turn green. When a treasure chest pops up, click the chest and the item will be added to your treasure chest. You can continue digging until you complete the island or run out of energy.

Treasure Isle items – As you continue to dig you’ll discover various items in the game. Below are some of the items you will find while digging.

•XP points – Some plots with reward you with a large amount of experience points. If you dig and don’t get anything of value, you will at least get 1 XP point.

•Coins – Some plots offer a large amount of coins, so racking up on the coins is easy. These coin plots also offer experience points.

•Fruit – Sometimes you’ll dig up fruit that you can use for energy. Most of the time you will find fruit under trees and flowers.

•Treasure Chest – This is the primary target you want to dig up. If you get close to a treasure, you’ll be notified of it. Once you have collected all of the treasures you can move onto the next island to continue your search.

Treasure Isle gems – Gems are required to unlock certain parts of an island. You can also sell gems that you don’t need. When you open your backpack, you are given the option of using them or selling them.

Sending treasures to your friends – As you dig for treasure you may find a treasure chest gift that you can send to your friend. When you click to open the chest, you will see a box open. In this box, you will see that you have found a treasure you can send to your friends. At the bottom of the box, there will be a list of friends you can send the gift to. If you don’t want to send it, click the Skip button on the box that pops up.

Helping animals on your island – Sometimes you’ll see a pop up about an animal needing a home. Helping the animal will give you the option to post this to your Facebook wall. Your friends can then click on that link and adopt the animal. If you do not want to post it, hit the Skip button.

Digging tools – Sometimes different tools are needed for digging treasures. If you indeed require a different digging tool, you will be notified and asked to buy that tool.

Leaving the island – After completing an island, you’ll find out what you’ve won and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to select another island. However, if you run out of energy and want to return home, you’ll need to select the boat at the dock and click Home Island in the top, right corner. Otherwise, just click on the Return Home button found in the menu.

Sending / receiving gifts – Sending and receiving gifts will help you and your friends save money. You can send your friends gifts to help them out and they are more likely to return the favor. To send gifts, click the Gift tab at the top of the screen and select the gift you want to send. Then just select the friends you want to send it to. To accept gifts, you’ll need to open click on the request page in Facebook and accept each one individually.

Using gifts – You have different options when it comes to using your gifts. For example, fruits can be used to regain energy and gems can be used to unlock islands or they may be sold.

Changing your character’s appearance – You can change the appearance of your character at any time just by clicking on it. This will load a page where you can easily modify their look.

Upgrading your island – To see the available upgrades, open your store and clicking the Upgrade tab. When it comes to upgrading, you currently only have two options; you can either purchase upgrades with coins or cash.

Guide credit goes to http://tomuse.com

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