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Treasure Isle tips

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Gifting to your friends – Sending gifts to friends is a great way to encourage them to reciprocate the behavior. Giving energy to each other is one of the best gifts players can give.

Visit your friends daily – When you visit your friends daily you’ll earn gems, coins, and experience points. Thus its in your best interest to visit all of your friends, especially early in the game.

Check your crops – When your crops are ready, you will need to harvest them right away. They will spoil in this game and you will have to start all over if they do.

Wait to buy things – Don’t be so quick to buy Treasure Isle items from the store as most items must be purchased with cash. Currently, you can get a lot of these items through gifts sent by your friends or people posting stuff on their walls. This is particularly helpful early in the game with you don’t have much Treasure Isle money.

Keep an eye on your news feed – When someone posts something on their wall you should be there to take advantage of it. Click on the item they are giving away to grab it and help improve your island.

Dig it! – Go digging for treasures as much as you can. The more you dig, the more Treasure Isle coins, experience points, and treasures you’ll earn.

Never ignore gifts – Gifts, especially fruit and energy, is your best friend in this game. Make it a point to grab these every time they become available so you can stay energized to complete various tasks and achievements.

Harvest your gem tree – Make sure you harvest your gem tree daily so your friends can collect a gem from you.

Ask your friends for fruit – On the left side of your island home, you will see the fruit icon. Place your mouse over it and it will say “Ask friends to send you fruit”. Click that icon and you can post a request for friends to send you fruit that can be used to re-energize.

Guide credit goes to http://tomuse.com

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