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Get a job – Just like the real world you need to put in work to earn a living so it’s important that you get a job at the Wicket Factory when just starting out. You can earn 200 coins every six hours which means that you can get paid up to four times per day.

Play games with YoVille members – Challenge other YoVillians to play games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Rock, Paper, Scissors; if you win, you get about 10 coins per game. It’s not much but every coin helps and you can have fun doing it. You can always purposefully lose against a friend by quitting the game once he/she has made a single move. If you keep doing this, your friend will reach the daily max number of coins (200) allowed for the game in a 24-hour period. At that point, your friend is suppose to return the favor. This technique is called “maxing” or “maxing out”.

Consider sharing less – The YoVille game will frequently prompt you to share your achievements with your Facebook friends. Don’t do this too much otherwise your friends may be offended by it and hide you from their news feed. It might be in your best interest to simply remove this ability altogether. For more information on how to disable this feature and alter your profile or application settings, visit our Facebook Guide.

Go shopping – It’s good to spend a little time and money fixing up your apartment. Not only will you have a plush pad to show off to your YoVille friends but buying things in YoVille earns you experience points.

Complete activities – Completing various YoVille activities can earn you experience points and a few coins too. Such activities include missions, fishing, and motocross.

Gifting to YoVille members – Everyone like to get gifts and giving to your YoVille friends is a great way to show your appreciation.

Visit friends and leave comments – Visiting your YoVille pals and leaving comments is not just for socializing; it gives you the most experience points per action.

Be smart when trading – Make sure there is only one item in a trade box at a time when you attempt the trade. You should never give the money first and always be skeptical trades that are too good to be true.

Watch out for crooks – It’s not uncommon for someone to cheat you out of a deal or steal from you. Make sure you take precautions to prevent such things from happening to you. If you intend to purchase a product from another YoVille character, get the product and make sure it’s real before you hand over the coins.

Befriend properly – As previously pointed out, it is important to have a large YoVille crew on Facebook but there’s also proper etiquette for inviting YoVille friends. When you request the add, include the message “YoVille” so that YoVille player will know what the add is for and won’t ignore you.

Guide credit goes to http://tomuse.com

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