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Full list of new years resolution quests

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Eat Healthy

Part I
- Fruits and Veggies

Harvest 30 cabbages
Harvest 50 Flax
Harvest 40 Apricot trees

Part II
- Lots of Protein

Collect 5 chicken breasts
Collect 5 cottage cheese
Collect 5 sunflower seeds

GOAL: Exercise More

Part I
- Hale and Hearty

Chop down 10 trees
Tend 30 cows
Clear 10 rocks

Part II
- Quick and Agile

Click on 100 bonus objects
Clober 10 varmints
Collect one bee

GOAL: Friends and Family

Part I
- Family Vacation

Have 5 friends babysit
Harvest 50 fruit trees with your spouse
Collect 20 daily bonuses with your child

Part II
- Visiting Friends

Tend 50 neighbour crops
Clear 50 neighbour debris
Collect one baby new year

GOAL: Get Organized

Part I
- Tidying Up

Place 10 decorations in the storage shed
Clear 50 debris
Tend 50 animals

Part II
- A Fresh Coat of Paint

Get 10 paint chips
Customize 5 buildings
Collect one toast glass

GOAL: New Hobbies

Part I
- New Hobbies

Collect 10 board games
Play a game of horseshoes
Collect 5 Spanish coins

Part II
- Make Your Own Fun

Craft 5 powder kegs
Craft 5 sextants
Collect 5 tolls

Goal: Play Frontierville

Part I
- Frontier Workaholic

Play 5 days in a row
Hire 10 friends
Collect one calendar

Part II
- Slaughterin' Time

Sell 50 Adult oxen
Sell 50 Adult pigs
Sell 50 adult goats

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