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Movie Review

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Director: Joel Schumacher
Main Characters: The Phantom (Gerard Butler)
Christine (Emmy Rossum)
Raoul (Patrick Wilson)
About the Movie: The movies starts with a Public Auction ic Paris 1919. An Old man in a wheelchair who can't speak buys a Music Box with a Monkey on it that Plays Cymbals. As the Chandelier is introduced the time goes back to1879(I am nor sure if I am right), when the Director of the new Opera is replaced with two new directors. They get a letter from the Phantom which tells them what they must do or a catastrophe will happen. The Directors Ignore the letter.

What I think of the movie: I personally Loved the movie! The songs in the music are great and 95% of the movie are songs. I sugegst you watch it if you read the book or atched the play.

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