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Lucky Strike

What do you think when you hear...? (ongoing)

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This is a thread that you have to say what you think when you hear whatever the above person posted.

Ex. -What do you think when you hear series?
-I think of NCIS, vmp diaries and buffy as i love thosem more than anything else! (it can be a bigger answer of course with more or less expaining)
What do you think when you hear vamp diaries/rose garden (i can be either something from the answer or something completelly different)

Of course if you want more info or to just something on an answer you can always do it! Just make sure in the end to post a question so we can keep going. You can also ask if you want something from an ooooold question/answer Smile

Let me start first:

What do you think when you hear balloons??

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