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Lucky Strike

Crazy class!

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Ok.. In the uni i'm in apart from everything else it's mandatory to take one of the following classes:

Psychology of cognition
Artificial Intelligence
History of psychiatry

They are ofcourse muuuch later into the program but we are allowed to take classes from whatever semeser we like (and no.. it's primerly a philosophy program seriously!)

Aaaaaanyway.. History of pychiatry is NOT my style, artificial intelligence is hard but plausible..

Now.. Psychoilogy of cognition... Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! It's really the best of the all BUT the *(^&*#* teacher is NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! *&*&^*&^#&$*#$@! crazy women!!!!!! She still hasn't decide if we are going to have final or we'll just do a paper or both!!! She asks the synopsis of 50, 80 or more science papers!!!!!!!!! IN 1-2 PAGES!!!!!!!! AND she asked MANDATORY to attend a 1 day convencion (1 if not both of the 2 parts) and writte a synopsis of that! This is happening each week.. And she is noooowhere to be found so we can ask her if we can pass and without those weekly assignments!!! This is the 1st year in a looong time this class was open to be in (it wasn't being teached) and with this crazy teacher Mad Aaaaaaanyway...

BUT in each semester we have to say which classes are we going to be examined for.. And now we are closed for Easter and I can't find her.. And since we have a limit on how many we can give guess what!!! I dropped this silly class!!! I'll chack it out next year.. If not I'm going with artificial intellingence...

Now please tell me i'm not crazy! And on top of that THIS semester I have to writte a 15-20 pages esssay on a Plato's text (called theatitus) which is about knowelgde! (this means waaaay to much study! and we don't have finals so that will be all for my grade), a 6-8 pages on a person in History of classic philology because elsewhere I can't participate in the exams, another class which is "writting" litterarly as it's about how we writte a scientific essay (tough with a looot of research) and another essay on history of science..

Add to that the exams for: history of classic philology, history of science, financial 2, logic and theory of totals, statistic, history of philosophy 3 I think I pretty much have my hands full!!!!

So I dropped the crazy lady and instead got phylosophy of mind!

I think I did well!!! What do you think???

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hehe! atleast next year my program is going to be lighter! LaughingLaughingLaughing

Hopefully things are goingto be better till next year!

thank you!!!!!!

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Did anyone deleted a post after my last one? I remember talking with someone..

Aaaaaaaaaanyway.. I started my first paper.. Has any of you read Plato's Theaetetus to explain what I'm doing? Smile

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