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Update on my dental worries

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So today i checked into another dentist which my parents and siblings go to.

I had a check up and they just checked my teeth and also made some moulds of my teeth.

Turnes out i have to have 2 teeth out and a few fillings.

Hes given me some tabelet called Tamzepan which apparently will calm my nerves...its like a kind of sedation.

My appointment is for early day in May and then its about 1 hour to 1 hour and half getting everything taken out and filled.

They are going to make some kind of tooth that is on a plate and it fits in my mouth and this is going to be used for temporary and then he said he will then make me another appointment to check my teeth and make sure the fillings and extractions have gone smoothly and then hes going to talk with me about a more perminant way of filling those holes with teeth =/

Im kind of scared still but i know this tablet should really calm me down. The dentist man seems really nice and they have a tv on the celling so you can watch it while they do the surgery.

Just fingers crossed everything goes smoothly. Cant wait to get it done to be honist.

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