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Well i had my teeth done..Thanks for the support

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So iv been to the dentist this morning.
The tabelet i was told to take didnt help what so ever.
Got to the dentist and felt like running away but my partner was so encouraging so i stayed and when i was called in i was so so nervous. Tried to ignore that my name was being called but again i was encouraged by my partner.

So yeh..I sat on the chair...He checked my teeth..Put the glasses on and the apron thing and started numbing....

7 needles i had to have =/ The first 5 didnt hurt as much but the last 2 were in my roof of my mouth and omg that hurt so much. I cried with the pain. Feel really stupid staing that but i did =/

Anyways after it was all numbed i didnt feel a thing... 2 fillings and 2 extractions and i was done.
He then made me bite on something and then put my plate in place and i was done. Have to wear this plate for 9 months now and i can only eat soft food for 2 weeks such as soup and mashed potatoes...And marshmallows!!!!

I would just like to just thank you all for the support and information you gave me. You all made me feel relaxed and bought me to make the choice of having it done at my dentist.
Im really glad for all of you. Your like my internet family and i will never forget eveything you have done for me.
Once i get back on my feet from the hacking and get some spare money and things then ill deffinatly be gifting you for all the support.

Thankyou so much and i dont know what i would do without you lot =)

you all

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Glad to read that you got through the experience. Excrutiating pain is not fun. So, enjoy those marshmallows and feel better soon.

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Thanks Yvette.
Well first night with my plate in was alittle bit of a stinker. Woke up this morning and nearly choked cause the plate had been rolling around in my mouth. The dentist more then loikley forgot to tell me that id need some dental adhesive =/

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