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Happy Weekend Everyone! What are you up to?

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Hi Everyone! I'm so excited today is Saturday! Finally a day off from work! I know most of you work Monday-Friday, but I usually don't... however, this past week I did. I worked M-F 10 hours.day!! Needless to say, I'm REALLY happy to have the weekend to myself.

So far this is what I have planned for today:
Sleep in (check!)
Play PS & PSFC (partial check! LOL)
Eat lots of snacks (still to do)
Do all the laundry - boo (Started but can't check off the list yet)
Take a nap in the afternoon with the cat (still to do)
Maybe go for a walk if the sun comes out (still to do)
Get my nails done (still to do)
Go through junk mail (still to do)

....ummmm, that's pretty much all I've got planned! pretty lazy, huh?!!!!!

What are you up to??


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My weekend just got over...where I live...we get Thurs & Fri off...but seemed pretty long...since my mum's at the hospital Sad InshAllah she will get well soon, and be back home in a couple of days...but home isn't the HOME without her, if you know what I mean! They don't allow anyone to stay there in the ICU...it's just strange being at home! I want to keep my mind off it...:S

I'm looking forward to a weekend like yours! Smile But well have vacations coming soon, so yaay! Usually here, the weekends go in work!!!!!!!

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