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RC suggestions that want 2 check B4 TOF

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This title is the intro:
1. Restaurant Locations-People like Restaurants in different locations (in comparison to each other). Some people like City restaurants, some River, some sea and some suburban. WE should have an option to buy (with coins) restaurants in different locations. Every locations should have something special to it: decorative and functional (Like the suburban-current has a garden, street and trees)
2.Collections-Every game has collections, why not RC. Collections should be tied to an action. E.g: Plate collection should be obtained when cleaned plates manually, Soap collection when cleaned toilets etc. And the reward should be a decoration and a benefit the action it is tied to.

When commenting please put the number of the suggestion before the comment. And please grade it from 1 to 10. If the final grade is at least a 5 the suggestion will be passed to the TOF.

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