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Ideas for Eco Boxes

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I recently posted a list of Items that will be great for recycle boxes in the TOF. IF you like them please support the idea. I thank you in advance.

Furniture,Walls, Floors, Clothes
Endangered animals plushie (Panda, Tiger, Orang-Utan, Whale etc,)
Spring Garden wallpaper and floor
Summer Garden wallpaper and floor
Autumn Garden wallpaper and floor
Winter Garden wallpaper and floor
Mother Nature bundle(Long Black wig, Flower headband, Dress made of leaves, Tree bark shoes, Flower Necklace, FLower ring, Staff made of wood with a rose on top)
Grey Wolf Petling
Key to gardens(Forest, sea, desert...)
River Fish bait (Trout etc)
Nature Aquarium
Save Earth! Recycle! poster (Poster Earth on it, with big trees on it)
Hay Roof
Tree Bark wall
Willow Tree

Tell me what do you think of them.

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