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Lucky Strike

Cityville mall question (about floors)

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Well I need a way to remove a business from the mall and add another at the previous one's place.

floor place of x business 10->business i want to place
1 1 2 3 4
2 5 6 7 8
3 9

I want to move 10 to 3 (so the 3 will become 10 on the 3rd floor)

Up to know if you do that number 4-9 "fall" 1 place so if i place 10 it becomes 9 and then if then i put the 3rd is 10.

Do i make any sense?? I want the little ones on the first few floors but i can't possible remove and re add aaaaaaall the businesses from each floor!!!
I would also like the option to harvest specific bussinesses from the mall so i won't have to waste 12 energy now and if i get it to level 5 20!!!!

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