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[WTS] Assorted scale model cars and other collectibles!

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Hey guys! I'm selling some of my stuff here not strictly to scale models.. I really need to let these stuff go as soon as possible because I am in serious need of cash. And I really mean serious.

Quote :
Strictly COD at Shah Alam either Section 9 or Section 13 only!


NewRay 1:64 Audi R10 LMP Le Mans 2006 - Still in a very good condition, asking for RM15.


High Speed 1:43 Warsteiner BMW 320i STW - In a good condition, asking for RM20.


Shell 1:38 Ferrari F2008 - In a good condition, asking for RM10.


Maisto 1:18 Honda RCV 211 2004 Rider Colin Edwards - Very good condition, asking for RM15.


Gran Turismo 5 Apex Guide Book - I never read this book, in an excellent condition and still has the new book scent, if you know what I mean. Selling for RM25 as this book is really difficult to find. Only comes with GT5 Collector's Edition!

Thanks for helping me. More stuff to come so stay tuned! Wink

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