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  1. it doesn't matter because they r mine now
  2. mudiyathe da. 23 thethi vale iruke. oru varum leave december ke apply panni aci.
  3. if u r talking about 2005 mini. then i also want one
  4. hehe. macha... u got ur celica already diam diam play wit it la..
  5. ok here's the story. i went back to subang this past weekend. i called some of the guys out to have a drink. so as USUAL i was the first one there.. other guys all follow GMT(global malaysian timing)... second there was eight n he RAOKED me b4 the others arrived! i was so suprised. n what more when he passed me a casting that i had almost gave up collecting cuz of its rareness. thx macha!! then the others all arrived. second to RAOK me was Uncle Sinclair himself! argh... the RAOK was so poisoning... even more so when i found out the series the car came from.... thx uncle! another RAOK soon followed from Uncle Rayz... something special.. something old... something rare! thx buddy! also, thx for the tomica roak!(sorry no pics of the tomica ~ Stup**d ADMIN wont allow me) when i thought all RAOKing was over, suddenly eight asks me something. he asked me about a casting... then pulls one out of his bag for me!!!!! thanks guys for all the great stuff, also, thx for giving me such a headache... no i gotta find a RAOK for each of u guys! also to the 3 others who were there, great to see u guys again! hopefully will see u guys for merdeka as well! here are the pics
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