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  1. hi, 2 extra bronco archie..sape nak trade contact2 la..0132659637 area puchong
  2. shine bright like a diamonds... sad to hear it was stolen..
  3. Hi Guys; For Trade & Wants Muppet DDelivery ------> Bugs Bunny DDelivery Bvard Astro Van -------> RCR copo corvette/Bvard fiesta Mbox The Bat ------> 3 Main line HW: Lotus evora, Cool comb orange, '68 Shlby Cobra red SMS - 0132659637
  4. Trade in with crackerjack.. Picking this up coz rarely sees it..
  5. I've seen on chap camaro on peg..do you still want them? sms me at 0132659637..i'm from selangor..
  6. I suggest u to follow this blog to know the 2013 T-HUNT..thunted.blogspot
  7. if the cards are 2013 cards then it might be a t hunt..the round with fire logo have been exist long time before they decide to use as definition of a thunt. Just my little knowledge. correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. great haul..its been a long time since giant puchong have restock. which one do u went to? bandar kinrara or bandar puteri?
  9. Yeah..please share the photos for us to share your happiness
  10. K&N is a famous automotive air filter manufacturer
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